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Is Hollywood is TRANS-forming?




America is finally starting to get the message from LGBT community; We are here and we demand your respect.

The world hasn’t been very accepting of the LGBT movement but in recent years the tides have been changing. Legislation has granted same sex marriages, communities are protesting for gay rights, and major networks have started to endorse the movement with an influx of gay/lesbian movies and television shows that have become incredibly popular.

Netflix recently launched an exclusive series entitled Orange is the New Black. The series explores the journey of Piper Chapman, an inmate who was arrested for smuggling drug money for her lesbian lover. The series is filled with drama, humor, with undertones of love and passion. There are memorable episodes that lured us all in and made us bonafide fans but the character that has made this show one of Netflix’s most prominent shows is Sophia Burset. This character played by Laverne Cox.


Cox graced the cover of TIME Magazine’s June issue making her the first trans woman to ever accomplish such a feat.  In the article, she explains the highs and lows of the transgender experience. She explains that she noticed that she was different from other boys when she was a toddler. While most boys played football she just wanted to dance.

Despite, the depression, angst, unhappiness constant bullying and a failed suicide attempt,  Cox began to listen to her heart and started her transition.

Cox has been an inspiration to many men and woman who have similar stories, since she started living comfortably in her skin. She has accomplished many firsts in the entertainment industry and the transgender community. She has made appearances on television series such as Law & Order, I want to Work For Diddy, but it was her role as Sophia Bursett that catapulted her into stardom. She also hosts and produces her own show on MTV called TRANSform ME.


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