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How Black Are You? DNA Testing Gaining Popularity with Light Skinned Blacks

How Black Are You? DNA Testing Gaining Popularity with Light Skinned Blacks


By Leticia Latrice:

A common statement is that if you have even a small percentage of African in you, you are still black. If it were up to some people, in order to be “fully” white or black you would have to be pure bred 100% of that nationality. In this day and age, 100% of anything is very uncommon. With the world turning into a melting pot it is almost impossible. Some misuse their lighter skin tone and try to camouflage themselves as white. However, just because you are light skinned or bi- racial does not make you  white overnight.  A person’s features and hair texture are a dead giveaway. All the way back to the days of slavery, many blacks were ridiculed for their skin tone. If you were too light skinned your blackness would be questioned. Now days, light skinned African American’s or bi-racial people are being questioned about their ethnicity and how black they are. Therefore it has become a popular trend to get genetic DNA testing to see exactly what percentage of black a person is. There are many DNA testing companies that are freely open to the public, are easily accessible and affordable through the internet. Companies such as Anstesory.com  and 23andme heavily advertise their services online and on TV.  Many light skinned people have been criticized so much all their life that they wanted to officially prove how much African they have in them.

The Hodge brothers are bi-racial twins that were ridiculed because they only identified as black. So they took a DNA test and it found that they were 58% African. Who is society to say how you can identify yourself. No matter how light your skin may be, you are not fully white. Therefore you will still receive the same treatment as any other black person. If you have a drop of African in you, you still have the high potential of being, stereotyped, discriminated against, or racially profiled. Even some dark skinned black people think that if they go to a certain school, live in a certain neighborhood, talk or act a certain way, or married a different race, that people will overlook that they are black. These people need a reality check and need to face the facts that you are still black! As light skinned and blue eyed as Jesse Williams is he still identifies as black—and that upsets some people.


On the flip side dark skinned people who never have questioned their ethnicity have taken the DNA test and are surprised to find up to 25% of European in their genes. This reveals that somewhere down the line a European procreated with an African. The sad truth is that nine times out of ten, a slave master raped his female slave and an illegitimate baby was born. This produced an oddly light skinned baby. Maybe that is where all of the negative connotations against light skinned people derived from. If a darker skinned slave was married to another dark skinned slave, but has a light skinned baby eyebrows were raised. No matter what the root of someone’s ancestry is, a person has the right to identify themselves however they choose. If a person is choosing to deny who they are and be something they are not ,the DNA testing will tell it all. Choose to embrace who you are and  don’t attempt to be someone else. Live in your truth! No matter  your skin tone, we are all humans, and we are all equal because we all eat, breath and shhhhh the same way. Have you ever been ridiculed for been too light or dark skinned?

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  1. These white Amerikkkan/ European Euro-Caucasians have 1-4 % Neanderthal ‘cave beast’ genes we Afrikan peoples have none what does that say about your insistence on miscegenation boasting about being ‘tanminated’ with non – human DNA you idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The hodgetwins are not biracial lol. They even stated that in a lot of their older videos, and that both of their parents are black. They also stated there was a book about their family out that you could read, with their last white relative being born in the late 1800’s. There’s also pictures of their parents too….
    But they are mix however like a lot of African Americans, they’re just not bi-racial since both of there parents are black.

    1. @Bob, Hi Bob, thanks for the clarity…I think by the time we read DNA results show them as 58% African descent, that classifies them as Black. But I don’t actually follow them and don’t know a lot about them. But you’re right, if both parents are Black…obvious conclusion. Thanks for the info and for sharing with comment section.

  3. Many people want to be their authentic selves. I believe that some people who are labeled African American’s don’t identify culturally with other African American’s of a lower conscious/morality. Many times you find that some darker skinned African American’s with less education and socio-economic position have replusive and demoralizing behaviors. Intelligent people don’t want to identify with repulsive and demoralizing behavior, but they still sympathize with them. They look to DNA testing to identify with their authentic selves, definitely not desiring to be white by no means because white people are the original predators. They are proud of their African bloodline because the ancient culture of the African continent is culturally different with higher standards of morals/ethics and deep respect for their elders, family and friends. They also identify with their Native Indians (other ethnicities) bloodline. These African American’s know that they are different…its a spiritual understanding. They are ashamed to be unfairly associated with low moral African American’s. African American’s are a mutli-cultural ethnicity and have a clandestine case system that seperates us by socio-economic cultures. Color only becomes a factor based on behavior. Who wants to associate, communicate, or identify with a loud foul mouth, shower cap wearing, flip flop wearing, too tight clothes, breast hanging out of the clothes, pants below the underwear, drug dealing, gang banging, illegal fast money chasing, can’t speak properly human…I can’t think of one intelligent high moral human. Can you?

  4. Blacks already knowingly admit that we have white ancestors due to slavery; sum from live, sum ftom rape; its WHITES who shud be taking this test so they can knowingly admit that they are a part if us!!!

    1. @Kate Hi Kate Totally agree, it’s doubtful any African American wouldn’t find a mixture in their family tree. Perhaps grand parents and great grandparents aren’t around anymore to answer questions about ancestry….or a person may have been adopted and wants to learn more about his/her heritage. DNA and tracing your family tree can be a great service, or just fun to learn something about your heritage. You’re right—the Whitest White person out there might be surprised to find out about their lineal descent. Thanks for sharing your comments.

  5. I can’t believe you titled this article like that. We must stop with the light and dark skinned thing. We are all Black and don’t need the difference in shades to keep us separated, we need to unite and the media should be helpful in that not harmful. A lot of people are getting DNA test to see their genetic make up, it has nothing to do with shade in most cases. In fact a lot of white people are getting their’s done and finding out there is some African in their gene pool oops.
    PS: Please use proofreaders, correct spelling adds more authority to what you write.

    1. Verona, I totally agree with you. It breaks my heart that this day and age the BS of light skin dark skin…What about the ones in the middle skin like Dr. Watkins???? Where do they come in??? This is nonsense and needs to stop. It is taking people back in the days of slavery and we definitely want to push forward and not go back there.

    2. @Verona Johnson Hi Verona, thanks for your comments. Actually, the original research shows that more lighter complexion African Americans are relying on DNA at a higher rate than darker skin tones. But we all know that genes can skip generations and show up in great grand kids, so just because you have a certain skin complexion, eye color or hair type does not mean you can just assume what’s in your family tree. The writer didn’t make that information as clear as it should have been, but that was the crux of the story. But I agree with her point that people have to be satisfied no matter your skin color or tone, no matter your hair–just embrace who you are. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and share your comments.

  6. I already had my dna checked a while back and found that I was 86% west African being from Nigeria and Cameroon regions and I also have 7% Central Asian ,but imagine my shock when I saw the 8% scandanavian in there .Plus I also found out that I have 3rd to 5th cousins in the South Carolinas in the states which only means one thing to me shyte!

    1. @Marcus Davis LOL…8% SCANDANAVIAN?!!! I bet your house is full of IKEA furniture isn’t it? LOL…that’s pretty cool to know your heritage. Hey, my parents were from South Carolina…but they met and married in New Jersey…Thanks for sharing your comments. Question for you, which DNA service did you use? How easy was it? And affordable?


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