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How This Fifth Grader Handled Bullies is the Sweetest Revenge

How This Fifth Grader Handled Bullies is the Sweetest Revenge


By: Evette Champion

If you want an inspirational role model for your young girls, perhaps we should stop looking toward the adult females in the media and maybe look toward young entrepreneurs like little Egypt “Ify” Ufele.

This young lady, merely 10 years old, hails from Queens, New York, and thanks to her peers who taunt and bully her for being overweight, she has used that ridicule to create and launch her very own fashion line, Chubiiline.

Oh, and did we mention that she is the youngest person to have ever debut a line at the prestigious New York Fashion Week extravaganza? Talk about impressive.

The clothing line is inspired by her African roots and feeds the desire to provide women (and girls!) with more fashionable clothing options for larger body types. With the use of her grandmother’s sewing machine, she has taken a unique approach to dealing with bullying.

We all know that bullying is part of growing up, but it shouldn’t be. Ufele has experienced name calling, her peers slapping her lunch tray out of her hands, and she was even stabbed with a pencil once! All of this (and more) because of her weight.

However, Ufele took to Instagram (yes, this young girl has an Instagram which she aptly named BullyChasers), to clarify that her weight is due to having to spend a lot of her childhood in the hospital.


None of this matters though as long as she has her “rock,” her mother, Dr. Reba Perry and her grandmother, Nellie Rembert, who is also a seamstress. It was her grandmother who encouraged Ufele to channel her anger about the bullying into something more productive and get in touch with her creativity.

And so, Chubiiline was created.

Now that the she’s taken the New York Fashion district by storm, she hopes to be able to mass produce her designs and sell them on her website.

If this isn’t an inspirational story for other kids on how to deal with bullying, rather than going in with guns blazing (literally), I don’t know what is.