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“I know you’re in there with some b—h.”Murphy VS. Strahan: Who’s Cheating on Who?




Oh man, Strahan.  What did he do to make Nicole Murphy so mad?  Because from what it sounds like, we have another accusation of another dude cheating on his lady.  Murphy lost her cool when she suspected Strahan of attending the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel with another woman in Beverly Hills Ca.

While there is no proof that Strahan had cheated on the 45-year old former model, that didn’t stop Murphy from causing a scene in the hotel.  Murphy was reportedly banging on Strahan’s hotel room door, trying to catch him in the act.  She stood outside his room causing ruckus for 20 minutes or so, until she was escorted out by security.

Witnesses on the floor told TMZ that she heard Murphy screaming, “I know you’re in there with some b—h.”

If you can call it an attempt to calm her down, the witness tried to tell her Strahan wasn’t even in the room.  “It’s Michael from ‘Kelly and Michael’ in there,” she added.

But then, there’s a plot twist.  While Murphy is relentless to prove Strahan guilty of her accusations, there were photos on the gossip of her chilling with former NBA star Jim Jackson at a vacation spot in the Caribbean. Wait, what?

Murphy says that she was apparently on a break when she was spotted with Jackson.  However, according to the gossip site, the photos were taken at the Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton in Puerto Rico, months after the reported hotel incident…according to TMZ

So really, who’s cheating on who again?  While I don’t condone spitefulness or unfaithfulness, I don’t condone hypocrisy either.  I think if Nicole Murphy is going to be pointing fingers, she should make sure her fingers are clean as well.

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