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“I Will Not Be Shamed”- Terry Crews Empowering Women Sexual Predators



by G. Brown

In movies, actor Terry Crews often plays the muscle-headed villain…IRL, his role is that of a hero as many fans are applauding himfor naming names of Hollywood execs who sexually harassed him.

Crews was one of the first men to speak up after the Weinstein scandal broke to say its not just women who are being groped, grabbed and violated by men who are abusing their power.

On ABC’s “GMA” Crews gave his first national TV interview on his ordeal and saying, “I was assaulted by Adam Venit, who is the head of the motion picture department at Williams Morris Endeavor, one of the biggest [talent] agencies in the world, period,”

Crews first shared his story on social media saying he was standing with his wife at a Hollywood event when an exec who we now know was Venit made crude gestures from across the room at him using his tongue before eventually walking over and grabbing the actor’s genitals.  Crews says his humiliation was compounded by the fact that his wife was standing right next to him. It was this same humiliation that imprisons most women to never speak out against their attackers.  Crews says embarrassment and a PTSD forced him into silence for a long time.  Now he says “I will not be shamed” into silence any longer.  Here’s more of what Crews had to say in that TV interview.

Crews says the people who molested him must be held accountable and the courage of other women who spoke out on their molestation gave him the courage to not worry about whether he would be blackballed or if people may question his sexuality.  On Twitter, fans and fellow actors are cheering for Crews…


Crews has filed a police report and is considering legal action.   Sadly, his courage is needed. It’s worth noting that the women who speak up aren’t all being embraced as champions.  Consider the women who have spoken out against Senatorial candidate Roy Moore in Alabama.  Moore is accused of predatory behavior against children–girls who were as young as 14 at the time.  Many of the women have been called liars and their names dragged through the mud.  Even some of the Hollywood actresses who have spoken out have faced repercussions like Rose McGowan who found herself being arrested on old drug related charges which she called “bulls**t”.  But if it takes the word of a man like Crews to be taken seriously before women who make the same allegations can be heard, then let’s hope he and other men will continue to speak up against sexual predators not just in Hollywood, but under every rock where they hide in wait to victimize.

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