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Idris Elba Tests Positive-Coronavirus Impacting Celebs




by G. Brown

It hasn’t even been one full week since the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed the CoVid19 a pandemic and the panic has already set in.

Stampedes on grocery stores leave shelves bare as people hoard everything from food to water to toilet paper.  One man looking to gouge hand sanitizer demands reportedly drove around his Kentucky area buying up $18,000 worth of the product.  Another story told of an elderly couple that sat in their car for hours afraid to go inside because of all the people and fearing their age made them vulnerable to exposure.

On Monday afternoon, actor Idris Elba shared with fans that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

The star says he discovered he was around someone who tested positive.  The “Thor” actor says he immediately quarantined himself and got tested.  So far, Elba says he feels fine and is not showing any symptoms, but cautions fans to take this virus seriously.

While celebs like Elba are living with the reality of illness, some celebs are questioning if the threat is real or some cooked up conspiracy.

Singer Keri Hilson may take the award for one of the craziest conspiracy theories so far about coronavirus. “Hilson is blaming the outbreak on 5G technology? “The Tide is High” singer tweeted,

It looks like more than the ‘tide’ is high Keri.

And even when celebs are trying to share useful comments and information, it’s not always ending well.  Take comedian/actor/radio show host DL Hughley got into a social media scrap when NBC referred to him as sharing “disinformation” with his Black fans and followers. DL had quite the response…

Social media isn’t exactly the place where cooler heads prevail, and during this pandemic, emotions are definitely on overload.  Too bad that social distancing doesn’t mean keeping your distance from social media to an extent.

Social media can still be a source of information, but also beware it’s a hotbed of crazy, lies and just plain old stupidity sometimes.

If you want information, go to legit sites you trust like the CDC and WHO, news or blog outlets you know or local government websites for your city and state.

A pandemic doesn’t come without a lot of fear and panic. Keep your head, follow what the experts are telling you. Stay sane. Stay Informed.  But more importantly,  Stay safe everyone.







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