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“If I Did It?” OJ’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him

“If I Did It?” OJ’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him


by G. Brown

It’s not often you find a large amount of Black viewers tuning in to catch anything FOX News has to say, but this weekend was the exception. FOX aired a 2006 interview with OJ who at the time was promoting his book, “If I Did It” later re-titled to “If I Did It:Confessions of the Killer“.  The book is a “hypothetical” description detailing the 1994 murders of OJ’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The FOX interview was based on the book and for readers revealed no stunning revelations.  But for non-readers and many younger viewers who were hearing the chilling details for the first time, Simpson’s words seemed to true to be hypothetical or conjecture.


And unfortunately, there were those who tried…unsuccessfully…to turn the trending topic into a discussion about race.

The overwhelming consensus seemed to be that most people believe the former NFL player and actor did kill the mother of his children and Goldman who he may have seen as a romantic rival for her affections.  Just as many Blacks as Whites seemed appalled at the heinous crime and disgusted by the hubris to almost laugh about it all by putting the possible details in a book…a book he didn’t write.

Simpson was the subject, and joined the promotional tour to peddle the book which was penned by a ghost writer.  Simpson also agreed to front the book as his and to do an interview using the book’s words of confession as his own for which he was paid $600,000.  That’s a pretty low price to sell your soul.  Simpson’s next book should be titled ‘how I let greed and arrogance dupe me into claiming to write that stupid first book’.

Simpson was acquitted of the the murders in a criminal trial 22 years ago, but it’s doubtful he’ll ever live as a free man especially after news specials like FOX’s prime time Sunday night special.  No sympathies here for Simpson who is drawn to publicity like a moth to a flame and that’s his choice.  You have to wonder how this affects his children who are forced to relieve their mother’s gruesome murder every time one of these news organizations decide it’s a slow news cycle and digs old news out of the archives.  Did OJ even consider his children when he decided to go along with an idea to publish such a book that  condemns him no matter what the court decided?  Maybe he truly was delusional enough to think he could get away with murder.  Sure he beat the rap in court, but he’s been paying the price ever since in terms of his fortune (which he lost when found responsible in a civil trial) and fame–because what studio is going to hire a man with the permanent image of a murderer?

One Twitter post said it best, instead of all this publicity and movies on the death of Nicole Brown-Simpson, Tupac and Biggie wouldn’t it be better to actually solve their murders?  Better yes, but not as profitable.