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Instead of Buying New Shoes & Cell Phones this Black Woman Bought an Airline and Made History Doing It




By G. Brown

Black Friday—it’s the equivalent of Christmas morning for retailers.  The excitement of opening the doors at zero-dark-thirty to hoards of  bargain seekers and trying to guess how much money Santa will for you in the cash register. The biggest shopping day of the year didn’t exactly live up to the hype in 2015 with shoppers spending a lot less in stores over the first shopping weekend of the Christmas holiday.   Some outlets report store sales were off by more than $1 Billion dollars…down about 20% percent from last year’s numbers.

But still, people spent roughly $10 billion for the toys, clothes and techno stuff that will eventually move from the “must have” to the “must throw out” pile.  It makes us wonder why get on this treadmill of wasting so much money in buying things that we quickly lose interest in.

Recent studies show that Blacks have $1.1 trillion in buying power and are more likely to shop more frequently and spend more of our money on things like electronics and footwear. As consumers, Black are relevant, but are we spending wisely?

Instead of going to other businesses to spend our money and investing in their dreams, should we be investing in our own dreams?

Siza Mzimela dreamed big and is soaring to new heights because of those dreams.  Mzimela is the first Black woman to start and launch an airline company.  She owns Fly blue Crane which is now South Africa’s newest low-cost airline.  Getting up the courage to buy a house or car cause panic attacks, but Mzimela overcame her fears and those of naysayers as well to sink her money in something that will pay off…maybe.

According to Urban Intellectuals, “The airline industry is a brutal business. One that features many failures by start ups and everyone expects this trend to continue”. Mzimela may fall victim to the trend or she may be smart enough to reverse it. She’s not worked in the aviation industry, she made history before becoming the first female Chief Executive officer for another airlines where she introduced nonstop flights to major cities like New York and Beijing.

Mzimela paid her dues working for others, learned the industry and launched out on her own. She’s an inspiration of how one day the company you work for can be your company that works for you.

Maybe instead of rushing out to spend all our hard earned money on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and fake sales that just brings more temporary, fake fulfillment we can take a page from the life story of Mzimela and try to get more out of our wallet by putting what’s in it to a wiser  use.

Do we really need to buy another pair of the latest shoes when we could save and maybe one day own the shoe store?

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