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5 Celebs Who Did Prison Time Before Their MAJOR Shine




Stars are known for many things, such as winning Grammy awards or producing popular albums—basically accomplishing great achievements—but what about criminal records?

You heard me right. Some of our favorite famous faces served hard time before they made it big in Hollywood, and some of these names are names that you would not believe.

Check out a few of your faves who have served a little time.

50centmug1_050 Cent: I think we all know about 50 and his escapades. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, served time for selling crack. He talks openly about his former lifestyle so his jail time is not that big of a surprise. In fact, it may have aided in the fame he has today.

My Name Is EarlCharles Dutton: Who would have known that this actor served time for being a badass. Dutton, who has starred in the television show Roc, served several years in jail when he was just 17-years-old for stabbing a guy to death in a street fight. He nabbed an additional sentence when he beat down a prison guard while incarcerated. After his sentence he got his life together and went from jail to Yale, literally. Whew!

dkingmugDon King: The famed Don King was apparently a gangster back in his day. He was the head of a gambling operation, and basically a gangster. He killed a guy in 1945, but it was ruled a self-defense. He was free for a little while until he allegedly stomped a guy to death and got four years jail time for it.



lead_prisonLil’ Kim: Girls get crazy too, but it did not get that crazy in Kim’s case. The “Queen B” served time in jail for lying about her and her friend’s involvement in a shooting in Manhattan outside of Hot 97 studios. She did not do the dirty work, but it was dirty enough to earn her a year and a day in prison.


snoopSnoop Dogg: Apparently our favorite uncle has quite the criminal record on top of the time that he has spent in jail. In the 1990s the rapper was arrested for possession of cocaine, and he was in and out of prison for a few years after that. He had been found with a firearm in one charge, possession of marijuana with another, and being an accomplice to murder in another. Our favorite friendly uncle gets dangerous!

Although criminal history is no laughing matter, we can all look back at these stars past and offer a little chuckle. They are, of course, big stars now, and the past is all behind them—we hope.

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