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Is “Get Out” Genius or Racist?



by G. Brown

Jordan Peele’s new movie “Get Out” is the biggest buzz on social media.  The director’s first movie is getting rave reviews from critics and some fans who call it “a bold. original story “blending race-savvy satire with horror”(Variety) and  Vulture calls it “the satirical horror movie we’ve been waiting for…a mash-up of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” and “The Stepford Wives”. But others are calling it racist.

Peele’s new movie centers around an interracial couple Chris(who is Black) and Rose(who is White).  Rose takes Chris to meet the fam who are kind to a fault to their visitor…until…things start to get weird and potentially deadly for the Black boyfriend who ultimately fights to “Get Out” alive.  The movie takes a very different look at racism through the lens of satire, comedy and horror.

Peele, who made up one-half of the hilariously creative comedy team “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central, says he initially only wanted to make a horror film, but daily news headlines convinced him the movie could address a more pressing social problem. Peele says, “As we got into the initial years of the Obama administration, it became more clear than ever to me that race was a conversation people were increasingly uncomfortable having. There was this “post-racial” lie going on. So this movie, the purpose of it became to represent the black experience, but also just [represent] race in the horror-movie genre and in the public conversation, in a way that I felt was taboo.

Peele says he knew confronting racism in a movie this way would cause some to bristle…and they are.  While many millenials and Black movie goers are applauding “Get Out”, a lot of White moviegoers are calling the film “garbage”,  “over rated” and racist. Here are some comments posted by people who rated the film after seeing it.

The anger and cries of racism seem to be fueling many other fans of the films…especially on Black Twitter.



















Peele’s says he never wavered on whether or not to confront the issue of racism, but he also never thought any studio would ever actually make the movie. With the movie already earning on its opening weekend more than seven times what it cost to make,  it’s doubtful Peele is second guessing himself now. Even in light of some of the negative push back, Peele says the point of “Get Out” is not just to entertain people, but to make them think about some hard topics; “…when you tell a story, and you draw them in through allowing them to see through the eyes of a different person, and when you can affect their feelings and emotions — whether it’s making them laugh, or making them scared, or making them scream, or making them cheer — then you have them on a starting point, already, to think about why they had those visceral reactions. The way I look at it is, when you allow people to submerge themselves into a story, they will react by thinking through what it’s about. That’s just so much more fun and effective, I think, than a lecture.”

What do you think…have you seen “Get Out” or plan to go see it now especially since people are talking about it? Do you think this is a totally originally way to open the door to a conversation about racism?  Or do you agree that maybe Peele crossed a line and this movie is just racist?


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