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Is It A Good Idea to Turn Welfare into Workfare?: Reel Politics



 By Dewaun Kearse
Well folks, the age old debate of working for welfare is a lot closer thanks to the Commander and Chief Donald J Trump. On April 10 “The Donald” signed an executive order that will call on national welfare programs to strengthen existing work requirements or add where there aren’t any. What does this mean for the average person . . . it could mean a lot, but the bottom line is . . . if you want that “gub-ment” check, you’re going to have to do something strange for that change! Historically welfare program were established coming out of the Great Depression to assist citizens with food and related assistance essential for survival, however it has evolved to abuse, misuse and often fraud. I remember as a youngster, locals cashing in food stamps to buy other essential products (such as marijuana, cigarettes, and Bolivian Cocaine . . . only the best!), detergent, and barter services where possible.
   And then there is Medicaid .  How many teenagers picked up the drip from Janie “Not-So” Goodsnatch” and had to use their buddy’s Medicaid card across town to get that shot where a copay and ID isn’t required? So the thought of working for your weed and penicillin may scare some folks into not claiming their cousins for that Earned Income Tax credit, finish nail school and change before getting swept up in the change.
   The implications could prove to be both disastrous and successful depending on your outlook and current social position. Today, millions of middle class tax payers indirectly fund a system that seems to have spiraled out of control and ultimately spits in the face of those that do not qualify for the very system they fund. The president is hoping this executive order will sit well with his ultra conservative base, but if any of those folks are really paying attention, it’s going to be another shot in the foot. The majority of voters in “Red” states utilize the welfare system, and will be hit the hardest should their states take actions to support the president’s order. To me this is comedy at its best. The very same people that voted for Trump under the guise that they would be better off financially with him as leader will be hit the hardest. That’s like when black folks want whites to help more in the community, but then publicly crucify a white woman that identify as being black . . . married to a black man . . . and working for an organization established to help black folks . . . . REALLY!!
If you are one of those that are on welfare and may be concerned with being drafted into working for your benefits, don’t fight it . . . embrace it! Find a job that compliment your skill set, something where you are already succeeding, or something you can embrace and truly become successful. It is better to be ahead of change instead of being swept up in change.
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  1. watcher

    April 26, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    In other words …’s time to turn back the clock and become a slave as your ancestors were

  2. Shawn J.

    April 26, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    No comment

  3. Jodie10

    April 26, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Donald trump ain’t did/doing not one thing slick: Welfare to Work has been a concept for over 50 years – especially for Black Women! Don’t dare fool yourselves into thinking these guidelines are new – only worse or limited more. However, when it comes to the White female she was always able to skate out of the rules and regs. How do I know – white and Italian women lined the welfare offices in South Philly in 1970s/80s I was a paraprofessional social worker for daycare services where state and federal funds were received and in order for Black women to get daycare they had to adhere to the work or school upgrading their family financial situation in most cases. White/Italian chicks don’t work, get the max plus first dibs on public housing paying way less than Blacks ever do or will. These are repetitive times AGAIN! Some of us watched our mothers in shame and then had to apply the same rules to our peers/friends, etc. Because our people were flourishing, they began to cut funding – whites however, didn’t have to lift a finger – don’t get me wrong, welfare ain’t nothing a person needs to depend on, as you get older, children move on, funds and ebt cards amounts get less. But do recognize this – this so called change is an attack on the poor, especially the white poor thinking it would hurt the Black poor and when it hits them it’s going to be a real tragedy, killing off the weakest of the white poor. Old Negro proverb: becareful that the hole you dig for someone else, is not the hole that becomes your demise. BUT, the caveate is – rich/wealthy White Ruling Class in America has a habit of sacrificing their own poor believing it will kill off the men and women of color. Wonder how’s that working for them?

    • RMikasa Rouge

      May 2, 2018 at 2:56 am


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