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The Wrong Heartbeat: Online Sources Mistake Leon For Michael Wright




It has been confirmed through TMZ,  that the actor in the photo is actually ‘Five Heart-Beats’ star Michael Wright who was arrested for DWI. The fallen star was arrested after smashing into a police car.

Definitely not a good look.   And for a second there, we thought it was another ‘Five Heart-Beats’ co-star…Leon.

We have always known Actor Leon Robinson (formally known as Leon) to be one smooth cat.  He’s the definition of a ladies man.  He’s best known for his roles in the movies “Cool Runnings” “The Five Heartbeats,” and “The Temptations.”  For a little while he even had his own talk show, “Just Leon.”  He’s an actor and singer with a net worth of 1.5 million.

These two look like they could be related.  So when we saw  this picture of Michael Wright looking like a homeless bum that resembles Leon on a subway train, we couldn’t help but wonder if these rumors were true.

But even if Leon were going through a hard time,  very difficult to picture catching him slip this hard.

I could understand if he hadn’t worked in a decade.  Maybe if he had some issues with the law in the past.  But you’ve never heard anything about Leon abusing drugs or alcohol.  And as far as work, only three months ago he was promoting his new movie “And Then There Was You,” on Madam Noire.  “Lady’s like that drama so, I represent that in the movie,” he says in a velvety voice.
Michael-Wright1Regarding appearances, he made on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, associating with model Cynthia Bailey regarding their 14 year old daughter Noelle Robinson (you can’t be bummy on Real Housewives…or can you?).

While we hope for the best that Wright gets it together,  we now know for a fact that it is not Leon.

In this picture, Robinson and Wright are standing side-by side. The
two actors definitely resemble but it is Michael Wright that the internet is buzzing about.




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