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Sherri Shepherd: It’s Not My Egg, So It’s Not My Baby




It is all fun and games until personal lives get involved, and comedienne and actress Sherri Shepherd is not laughing this time.

This year has been a trying year for Shepherd as she deals with leaving her job as a co-host on the famed talk show “The View”. She is also going through a nasty divorce with her second husband Lamar Sally.

With all that she has to endure in the public eye, Shepherd is doing a nice job of keeping it together, especially for her 9-year-old son Jeremy, but the drama keeps stacking up.

During Shepherd’s marriage with Sally, she was having complications having a baby. She had even tried the in vitro fertilization method, and it still did not work out in her favor. After every attempt that she could think of, she and her husband decided on getting a surrogate.

Now that the divorce is set in stone, Shepherd wants nothing to do with the baby (which is expected to be here later this month). Her argument is that since the egg does not belong to her, she has no responsibilities for the child.

Shepherd also believes that Sally had ulterior motives when agreeing to a surrogate. According to various sources, the comedienne believes that her husband “defrauded her into having the kid in the first place so he could get child support”.

This issue not only makes for a heart-wrenching divorce, but also for a prolonged one as well.

It also brings about an issue on what needs to be done when the unborn child arrives.

Shepherd has found herself in a sticky situation that she does not have much time to patch up. Fans cannot help but to feel her pain and frustration.

But less than two months ago Shepherd talked with, The, and expressed her love for her unborn child. She even went as far as to say that she cried when getting eliminated from Dancing with the stars because the money was solely for fertility purposes.

According to her “Shepherd jokingly confessed that she cried so hard in 2012 when she was eliminated from ABC’sDancing With the Stars, because the money she was earning on the show was her “fertility money.”

“We could use a surrogate, because I did Dancing With the Stars, I got a little bit of money,” she said. “That’s why I cried so hard when they voted me off. I was like ‘this is my fertility money. Why y’all voting me off? I’m trying to have a baby with this money.’”

Do you think that Shepherd harbors any parental responsibilities over the child?

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