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SNL has been a hilarious staple in saturday night programming for over thirty years. They have launched the careers of many superstar comedians and performers. Some of their sketches have been considered the funny sketches of all time.

But it seems as if 2014 has been the year to test racially charged slave material. Earlier this year, SNL released a sketched called  ’12 years a slave auditions.’ This was obviously a parody of the award winning movie ’12 years A Slave’ directed by Steve McQueen. Though, the show never received any flack for the sketch, I think it gave them liberty to dig a little deeper, and the writers did just that.

On Saturday May 3, 2014, angry fans tweeted that the show’s “Weekend Update” segment featuring SNL writer Leslie Jones as the “in-house image expert,” was racially offensive rather than funny.

The skit was centered around Academy award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o being named People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful” for 2014. Jones then made fun of herself, saying her height would have made her very datable back in slave times. “… Back in the slave days, I woulda never been single.” joked Jones, “back in the slave days, my love life would of been way better … I would be the number one slave draft pick.” Hundreds of tweets flowed in to Jones’ twitter page where she responded that it was a joke that people took too seriously. This isn’t the first time SNL has been accused of racism or discrimination. Most recently, the show was critiqued for not having a female black talent on the show since Maya Rudolph’s departure.Since,

SNL has hired two black women to their writing staff and one black actress. What do you think, is SNL racist?   Check out the clip below:

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