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Is The World Laughing With This Comedian or At Him For his Epstein Death Conspiracy?




by G. Brown

The Jeffrey Epstein suicide news surprised no one.  If it did, you haven’t been paying attention to the last 243 years of how things happen in this country.

What is surprising is how a Black would-be comedian landed splat(the sound something makes when it’s falling) in the middle of this mess.

It started with a post or more aptly a rant that Terrence K Williams posted once the news of the highest-profile, richest and most politically connected pedophile reportedly killed himself in prison.

To many, Williams sounds a lot like Infor Wars Alex Jones ranting about Pizza-gate and lizard people.  But not to the current President who often cozies up to conspiracy theorists like Jones and FOX News. He immediately reposted Williams’ conspiracy theory to his 63 million followers.

Williams says “ had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead I see trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised

Williams says his deductions are all simple common sense. But we all know common sense isn’t that common.  Common sense would be to wait until we know more and there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like why a man who reportedly tried to kill himself three weeks ago placed on suicide watch and removed 4 days later?  Because of his attempted suicide, prison procedure required Epstein to have a cellmate, but Epstein’s cellmate was conveniently transferred days prior to his reported death? Why was there some sort of delay in checking the prisoners the mandatory 30-minute intervals on the night of Epstein’s death?  Was it suicide or murder or a jailbreak to whisk away the man who reportedly had all the dirty details on political figures like Trump, Bill Clinton, and even a member of Britain’s royal family?

The circumstances create fertile ground for homegrown conspiracies and reinforce all the reasons why people don’t trust the government.  But if Williams is going to play junior detective, he forgot to start with the basics of motive and opportunity. Trump was as friendly with Epstein as the Clintons…that puts them on even ground for motive. But Trump has the advantage when it comes to opportunity. He has the keys to all the government now…he controls the justice department and as such, federal prisons.  If you sold your house and handed over the keys to the new owners and it’s broken into, is the former owner responsible?

But let’s allow the wheels of justice or injustice or cover-up to spin however they will in the Epstein investigation.  What does Williams have to gain from all this?

Well thanks to the President reposting his conspiracy theory,  the would-be comedian is famous.  But fame comes at a cost and the bill is already due for  Williams who is getting dragged, roasted and full-on verbally assaulted on social media.

Williams posted “…1,000s of White Liberals are calling me out of my name but they Claim Trump is the Racist.” Well, one has nothing to do with the other, Trump has proven he’s a racist and just because people are calling you the “N-word” for defending him doesn’t prove that Trump isn’t racist.  Williams put himself in the middle of this mess pretending to be Sherlock Holmes who cracked the case without one iota of evidence .  He voluntarily stuck his neck out for Trump and now his feelings are hurt because people are calling him a “conspiracy theorists & Whacko”.

Williams defends his the ‘Clintons done it’ theory as common sense.  No, it’s ‘crazy sense’ to jump to conclusions when you don’t have the facts.  There is a bright side for Williams. His 15 minutes of fame may get him an invite to the White House.  So maybe Williams gets the last laugh because look at how great that worked out for Kanye.



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    oprol evorter

    December 21, 2019 at 5:05 pm

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    August 14, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    Yeah by getting invited to the House, they may hand him a Big Mac!!!

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    Shawn J.

    August 12, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    No comment

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    NBA is fixed

    August 12, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    In addition to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, another conspiracy theory that involves the Clinton crime family is that they allegedly murdered John F Kennedy Jr. The conspiracy theory is that the Clintons sabotaged the plane that JFK Jr, flew. In 1999, John F Kennedy was preparing to run for Senator of New York. In 2001, Hillary Clinton was elected Senator of New York.

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    NBA is fixed

    August 12, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Now that the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is front page news worldwide, guess who has been completely silent, the Me Too Movement. Those feminist haven’t said a word. Well known feminist Gloria Allred has also been silent. When R Kelly and boule Bill (Bill Cosby) were charged with sex crimes, she quickly got in front of the news cameras and spoke out about Those two black men being the biggest sex criminals in America. Why isn’t Gloria All red speaking about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal? Why is the Me Too Movement silent? Why haven’t the feminazis protested against Epstein?

    PS: Kamala Harris cashed donation checks from the law firm that represented Jeffrey Epstein. I’m not making this up.

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    NBA is fixed

    August 12, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    Most Americans do not believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. That’s good. There are strong motives for both President Trump and the Clinton crime family in regards to the sudden death of Jeffrey Epstein. Here are the facts:

    Bill Clinton claimed he only traveled on Epstein’s private plane to Little St James Island nicknamed, pedophile island. Travel logs indicate Mr. Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane over a dozen times. Also there are dozens of photographs of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. Most of those photographs have mysteriously disappeared from the internet. One more thing, in 1997 when Bill Clinton was President, he had sex with Monica Lewinsky who was eighteen at the time.

    Jeffrey Epstein, with the help of a female pimp/socialite name Ghislaine Maxwell (More on her later), trafficked underage girls for sex in New York and Florida. The motive, to blackmail powerful politicians and force them to support all Jewish and Israel causes. Donald Trump has mansions in New York and Florida. President Trump had this to say about Jeffrey Epstein, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He likes beautiful women just as much as I do, many of them on the younger side.” Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for trafficking underage girls in Florida in the year 2000 (Bill Clinton was President in the year 2000). Then US attorney Alexander Acosta brokered an outstanding deal that allowed Epstein to have a six days a week work release program. When Trump became President, he nominated Mr. Acosta to become US Secretary of Labor. There are dozens of photographs of Trump and Jeffrey Epstein on the internet. One more thing, several women have filed civil lawsuits claiming that Donald Trump raped them when they were under the age of eighteen.

    Ghislaine Maxwell is the millionaire pimp/socialite who lured underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York. She and Jeffrey Epstein have strong connections to the Israel Mafia known as Mossad. Many reporters claim this is the reason why Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were able to rape and traffic underage girls with little to no consequence. Israel and the mafia/intelligence agency Mossad have a strong influence on American politics.

    Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were good friends with the known pedophile. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have strong reasons for killing Jeffrey Epstein. Both have been caught lying about their relationships with Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have had sexual relations with young women. Suddenly Jeffrey Epstein dies in jail on suicide watch? Unfortunately law enforcement are not investigating Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. With all of this evidence, neither Bill Clinton or Donald Trump have been arrested. Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, he can not testify against the rich, powerful white men that raped young girls in New York, Florida and Little St James Island. If Jeffrey Epstein had been alive to testify in court, some of the richest, most powerful white men in the world would have been exposed as pedophiles. To put it in layman terms, somebody ordered the hit on the rat. The result, several powerful, rich white men in America are all but cleared of any sex crimes. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and several other rich, powerful white men will greatly benefit from the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Rich, powerful white men are truly above the law.

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