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Is This For Real?: George Zimmerman, JayZ, Snoop Dog and Death Threats

Is This For Real?: George Zimmerman, JayZ, Snoop Dog and Death Threats


by Ms. Black Hollywood

NY Daily News sums up this whole complicated mess of a story succinctly, “He’s got 99 problems, but a wannabe cop who gets away with shooting an unarmed teenager because of a loophole called the Stand Your Ground law ain’t one.”

According to the news site, “Controversial gunman George Zimmerman took a verbal shot at JAY-Z over the weekend, threatening to “beat” the rapper and feed him to “an alligator” over the Jiggaman’s role in a Trayvon Martin documentary, according to a report.”

Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin. The 17 year old  was walking unarmed in the gated community where he was visiting when gunned down by neighborhood watch coordinator Zimmerman in 2012.

JayZ is working on a docuseries “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story” that will detail the life and legacy of the innocent youth whose only crime was walking while being Black.  Zimmerman claims a producer and the production team working on the documentary have been harassing his family for interviews.  He’s quoted as saying, “I know how to handle people who f**k with me, I have since February 2012.

Enter Snoop who heard all the Zimmerman chatter and responded on IG with…

Since getting away with murder, Zimmerman seems to have had a death wish constantly baiting people with incendiary comments on social media and bragging about how he killed Trayvon.  He tweeted that he was selling an”American Firearm Icon”–the gun used in Trayvon’s killing so he could use the proceeds to “fight [Black Lives Matter] violence against Law Enforcement officers”.

In 2015, Zimmerman retweeted a photo of Trayvon’s slain body.  His profile photo on Twitter was a Confederate flag and he once called former president Barack Obama  an ” ignorant baboon”.  His Twitter account was eventually suspended.

Now Zimmerman is seeking the spotlight again by claiming to be the victim of harassment.  Maybe Zimmerman misses being the lead story or maybe he’s trying to deflect focus from the upcoming JayZ doc, but all of this is definitely re-opening some old wounds…

A lot of people are calling this fake news and some think Zimmerman is being used to push a race war narrative…but what do you think?  Is Zimmerman flirting with violence? Or is he a pawn in some kind of game?