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It’s Reel: Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-husband Says “You’re Gonna Be This Baby’s Mama”




And the plot thickens as the surrogate battle continues between soon to be divorced couple, Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally.

As most of the world already knows, back in May of this year, Sally, husband of the TV Show host Shepherd, filed for divorce and a few days later, Shepherd followed.

Prior to that event, the couple had arranged to have a surrogate carry their child. After the estranged husband’s abrupt decision, only months before the surrogate is scheduled to delivery the baby, Shepherd claimed that she may have been tricked into getting a surrogate and is calling Sally’s entire case for the baby a fraud.

Shepherd’s decision to have nothing to do with the surrogate went viral. Sally didn’t take the news lying down as he is now moving to take legal steps that force Shepherd to abide by the contract Sally and she signed, and sign the birth certificate, thereby making her a legal guardian of the child at the time of birth.

When Sally filed for divorce, he also filed for full custody of the unborn child, but still wants Shepherd to accept responsibilities and pay child support. Shepherd spoke out in interviews saying that the entire surrogacy was a setup by her husband just so he could divorce her and still get her money through child support for the child.

Sally is not standing for any of Shepherd’s notions. With these documents that TMZ reports are being drawn up, he seeks to force Shepherd to sign the birth certificate by suing her for breaking her previous agreement whether she wants to co-parent the child…or not.

As we know, earlier this summer The View host was asked to step down from her spot on the daytime talk show, along with Jenny McCarthy leaving only Whoppi Goldberg from the original cast. There have been no new projects announced by the Newlywed Game host.

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