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Iyanla Says Join the Netflix Boycott-Don’t Make this About Mo’Nique

Iyanla Says Join the Netflix Boycott-Don’t Make this About Mo’Nique


by G. Brown

Iyanla Vanzant has made a life out of coaching others through difficult times.  She has advice on the Netflix/money storm that is circling comedian/actress Mo’Nique, but the advice isn’t for Mo’Nique—it’s for you.

The best selling author, inspirational speaker and lawyer weighs in on the long running dispute Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique has with the streaming service.  Mo’ made Netflix public enemy number one when the streaming giant recently offered her $500k for a comedy special.  Mo’Nique was insulted that fellow comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were offered forty times that amount at $20 million each for their specials.  Outraged by the paltry deal, Mo’Nique turned to social media and asked fans to support her by boycotting Netflix.


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Fans didn’t exactly line up behind the comedian to join the fight and she even got into a couple of public beefs with journalist Roland Martin  and fellow comedian actress Whoopi Goldberg.

But others like Jada Pinkett Smith and Wanda Sykes support Mo’.  Now add Vanzant to the list.  The life coach is quoted in an Atlanta Blackstar article saying, “Mo’Nique can’t fight that battle by herself and people will not stand up for the battle or not stand up for the cause because it’s Mo’Nique, well, it didn’t start with Mo’Nique.  So either we’re going to do it or we’re not, but don’t make this about Mo’Nique. It’s not about Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique is just saying what other people have refused to say.”

She’s got a point…women of all races have been screaming for decades about Hollywood gender gap and pay inequality.  The current #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment for roles, pay and opportunity was born of the inequality backlash, so Mo’Nique’s boycott isn’t that far  fetched.  But the problem is with the people she’s asking to support her—namely fans. Ordinary people who go to ordinary jobs with ordinary pay.  Few of those people would ever get the chance to have a $500k payday and to think that most fans would see her appeal as anything more than  whining might have been Mo’Nique’s biggest mistake.  People are struggling for minimum wage jobs and Mo’Nique is turning up her nose at money most ordinary people would snap up in a second.  Mo’Nique has a just cause to be insulted, but she perhaps should have rallied support from other Hollywood women rather than turning to fans.

Vanzant’s right, this isn’t about Mo’Nique, it’s all about money.  And people will far less than $500k aren’t willing to jump in and fight it for her.

What do you think…is Vanzant the voice of reason in this Mo’ vs Netflix beef? Or is she just as tone death as Mo’Nique in asking people with far less to fight her battle?