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J.Cole Says Riots And Chaos Portrayed In The Media Is Misleading




The fiasco in Ferguson involving the murder of 18-year old Mike Brown by police has been catching attention around the world like wildfire. Many celebrities have spoken out about the incident, but rapper J.Cole decided he wanted to do more. He decided to pay respects to Brown by traveling to Ferguson and paying homage to him in his hometown.
Right around the time that Brown was murdered, J.Cole had coincidentally dropped a single called “Be Free” that was dedicated to all of the young black man murdered by police in America. He and a dozen of his friends decided to witness “history” by traveling and participating in Ferguson.
Publicity was the last thing on J.Cole’s mind when entering in Ferguson, and he admitted that he was shy about speaking to about his visit. . “I didn’t come down here to do no interviews, so this interview is a little uncomfortable,” he told the reporter. “No disrespect to you” he told the outlet.
You would think that this would be a dangerous time to set foot in Ferguson, with all the talk about riots and cops showing up in tanks. To J.Cole’s surprise, there was no violence upon his arrival. Instead, it was relatively positive, which is the opposite of what we’ve been seeing on the news. It proves the point that the news only shows you what they want you to see so that you can start thinking and believing what they want you to think and believe.
“This is a beautiful thing, people here are saying it: ‘Don’t let them tell you otherwise.’ We’ve been here five hours walking through the streets, and it ain’t no violence, everything is love. Yeah, you got a lot of people that are mad, and rightfully so, of course. Then you got some people — a lot of people — that, yes they’re mad but they see the perspective that violence don’t bring peace.”
Cole’s purpose was listening and observing the peoples’ stories. He concluded with, “This is love, that’s why we out here.”
J.Cole’s visit contradicts the riots and chaos portrayed in the media. What do you think now? Comment and share!




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