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Janet Kicks Off World Tour & Paula Patton’s New Thriller: Black Hollywood Wrap Up



by TRN Writers,

Janet Jackson Takes on the “State of the World” in New World  The last time Janet Jackson hit the stage for a live concert, Obama was still President, White supremacist weren’t boldly prancing in the light of day, health care for millions wasn’t in jeopardy and North Korea wasn’t threatening WWIII. In the year and a half since Janet took some personal time to have a baby and file for divorce, the world’s landscape has changed as much as her personal life. Jackson has been hyping the launch of her new world tour on Twitter with posts that show this new mama is all about the music and the message…

Jackson kicked off her in Louisiana Thursday night and social media hasn’t stopped buzzing about how the 51-year old may have lost all her baby weight, but not her show stopping moves.   IG photos show off a svelte looking Jackson who still knows how to slay…

Watch. The. Hair. #janetjackson #sotw

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Jackson also announced earlier that her tour will include Houston which was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey where she also plans to visit some shelters.

John Legend Bringing”Rhythm & Flow” to Netflix  One thing American Idol taught us, people will watch good or bad singers going head to head in competition. From show tunes to top ten hits, music competition shows like “American Idol”, “The Voice” and “Sunday’s Best” pull in millions of viewers each week.  Now Netflix is joining the sing along with it’s show and the streaming service is pulling away from the pack by only focusing on one genre only– hip hop music.  Singer, producer John Legend and his Get Lifted Film Co. are working with Netflix to develop the project.  No word on whether Legend will remain behind the scenes or if he will take an on-camera role.  This will be Netflix’s first music competition show and the competition is crowded and expensive.  Part of the success of these shows lie in lining up celebrity guests to perform or judge.  To get top name, other shows are paying top dollar.  Variety reports ABC is paying singer Katy Perry $25 million to judge its “Amerian Idol” reboot and NBC paid judges like Jennifer Hudson six-figure salaries to join the judges’ panel on “The Voice”.  No word on when Legend’s “Rhythm & Flow” will begin streaming on Netflix.

Paula Patton Navigate Dangerous “Traffik”   Patton has landed a lead role alongside Omar Epps in her latest thriller.  Patton and Epps star as a couple who romantic mountain getaway turns into a fight for survival when they are terrorized by a vicious band of sex traffickers.  The gritty tale comes from writer/producer/director Deon Taylor who Lionsgate’s Code Black Films describes as “an iconic storyteller and master of the thriller genre”.  Lionsgate officials sound like they’re aiming for a box office hit saying “Combining an all-star cast headed by Paula Patton and Omar Epps,  an A-list creative team and a riveting story, ‘Traffik’ is an exciting addition to our diverse upcoming slate.”  “Traffik” is aiming for a theatrical release of April, 2018.

For this week’s look at what’s happening in Black Hollywood, that’s a wrap!




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  1. Shawn

    September 9, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Janet Jackson (still) rocks!

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