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Jay Z & Beyonce Revealing Infidelity Through Song: OnThe Rocks?




The rupture between rapper Jay-Z and his sister-and-law Solange Knowles seems to have been just the beginning of the rumored downfall for the power couple. However, their effort to keep the fans fooled by the façade of a strong relationship despite rumors of a rocky relationship is a valiant one.
If there is one thing Beyonce and Jay-Z are amazing at, it is bringing their A-game together on stage. The two appear as the solid power couple they always were, rocking the house and giving pinnacle performances during their tour.

But from showing footage of their wedding in 2008, to footage of the birth of Blue Ivy, and even making out with each other in front of shocked fans and posting a snapshot on Instagram… We were still not convinced.

Especially after learning that they reportedly made plans to travel and accommodate separately for the On The Run Tour. They’ll be staying in different hotel rooms and even reported to have different dressing rooms, a source told us. “…the only times they’ll be seen together is while they’re performing.”
Startling news, but still rumors nonetheless.

It wasn’t until Beyonce possibly confirmed the rumors when she changed the lyrics to her song, Resentment, appearing to have accommodated her relationship with Jay-Z almost perfectly.
The original lyrics to Resentment written“I’ve been riding with you for 6 years,” had been changed to 12 years, drawing into the fact that two had been together for exactly 12 years, starting from 2002. It’s obvious that these two aren’t as lovey-dovey as they want us to think. Has Jay cheated on Queen Bey?

Jay-Z has yet to speak publicly  on these allegations of cheating on his wife since his aggressive encounter with Solange. But a fan reported via twitter that during his performance in Miami of  H To The Izzo, he said “F*ck it! Yes, I’m guilty. The original lyrics say I’m not guilty.”

 Check out the lyrics to Beyonce’s rendition in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 28th, 2014.

“Been ridin’ with you for twelve years

I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me.
She ain’t even half of me
That b**ch will never be
Like I couldn’t do it for you like that wack b**ch could”

We definitely think something has transpired that both Jay Z and Beyonce can no longer contain. They seem to be falling apart at the seams.

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