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JayZ-“People Are Angry”: The Reel State of the Black Union

JayZ-“People Are Angry”: The Reel State of the Black Union


by G. Brown

Lights, cameras, spin.  Americans will tune in to the annual State of the Union on Tuesday to hear how the country is doing in terms of budget and the economy and to learn what the plan is for moving forward.

And somewhere in the back of your brain, you have to wonder if Trump will try once again to call out rap mogul JayZ following their recent exchange.

JayZ recently lamented during a CNN interview that Trump has unleashed a lot of hurt and anger among segments of the population.  The “4:44” rapper was the first guests on Van Jones new show and told the host when asked about Trump’s recent comment about Africa and Haiti being “sh*thole countries”, “It’s disappointing…and hurtful more so.  Everyone feels anger, after the anger is really hurtful because it’s like looking down on a whole population of people. And he’s so misinformed because these places have beautiful people and have beautiful everything. Like, this is the leader of the free world speaking like this.”

Somehow, the president  who says he doesn’t watch the ‘fake news’ on CNN saw or heard about JayZ’s comment and responded on Twitter…

Let’s talk about that ‘Black unemployment’ rate.   Black unemployment is at a new record low of 6.8.  That is a fact, but facts and truths are two different things.

That unemployment among Blacks has hit an all time low is fact, but the truth is that has nothing to do with the Trump administration and everything to do with Obama.  Think Progress quotes economic analyst Janelle Jones who says, “He’s reaping the rewards for staying the course of sound decisions made by the Obama administration. There’s nothing in [Trump’s] policies that have led to a quick turnaround in black unemployment over the past 12 months.”

Here are the facts and truth on Black unemployment. The latest drop is a continuing decline that’s been ongoing since 2010.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment spiked the first three years of Obama’s first term since the country was in the midst of a record recession.  By 2011 the economy began to improve and the jobless rate began a slow climb back to recovery which continues in 2018.

Some other facts to note-stocks continue to rally in a bull market that started under Obama and accelerated under Trump.  And the current administration tax cuts made a lot of people happy.

That’s all great, but here’s the truth of what a Trump administration is costing us. Trump has widened the racial chasms in this country and has made racist comments to or about both NBA and NFL players. He habitually threatens nuclear war with North Korea and recently was rumored to have paid off a porn star to keep quiet about their alleged dalliance. Cabinet instability, constant insults, and often global embarrassment. It is daily drama that seems to function on some low brow misunderstanding of chaos theory. .  The economy is fine, employment is fine, the stock market is fine, but people are wrecked and frazzled because of this hot mess of an administration.    What good is it to have a stable economy and people who can’t rest at night because an unstable president has nuclear launch codes?

Van Jones said it best, “our economy is coming up, but our society is coming apart“. JayZ said in that interview that everything is a learning experience…I’ve learned the true state of the union is that America is an emotional wreck.

The State of the Union address airs at 9p.m. Eastern time.