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Jennifer Hudson’s Half-Brother Stabs a Man After Caught In Messy Love Triangle




As if singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has not already endured enough with the murder of three of her family members back in 2008, she has come to face yet another criminal tragedy.

Hudson’s half-brother is now in jail because he allegedly stabbed a man in his face repeatedly and then fled the scene on Tuesday night in Van Buren County, Mich.

Stephen Angelo Simpson is now facing felony charges after stabbing the man—who has been identified as Charlie—that is in a relationship with Simpson’s estranged wife.

Simpson had shown up to Maple Glenn Apartments in South Haven Charter Township in search of his estranged wife, and when he knocked on the door and was greeted with Charlie in the doorway, he began to stab him repeatedly in the chest and in the chin.

The wife and her boyfriend fled to a neighbor’s house for help and were then rushed to the hospital where Charlie received about 20-30 stitches.

Apparently this is not the first time that Simpson has showed up to his wife’s house searching for her. Neighbors claim to have heard quite a few disturbances every time Simpson shows up screaming and pounding on the door.

“I hope that she’s all right, too,” neighbor Krystal Miller said. “Because obviously this guy is looking for her and she must be scared.”

Simpson is currently on probation right now after multiple arrests on top of assaulting his wife in February.

It is such a shame that this incident is similar to the other tragedy in Hudson’s family where her former brother-in-law murdered her mother, brother, and nephew. The man, William Balfour, was on a jealous rage after breaking ties with Hudson’s sister and is now serving life in prison.

I, and authorities expect him to be charged soon with attempted murder and first-degree home invasion.


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