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Jeremy Meeks defends his Gangsta: “I’m not a KingPin”




For several years the Stockton Police Department has been posting booking photos of their daily catches on their social media pages, but they never expected one of their photos to go viral.

Thirty year old Jeremy Meeks has the internet in a frenzy. He gained overnight popularity due to his striking blue eyes, perfect bone structure and beautiful skin tone. Literally, women all over the world are trying to get a spot on his visiting list.

Meeks was arrested in Stockton, California after a gang sweep.  He was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang charge, the Stockton Police Department said. Within 48 hours, Meeks’ booking photo had over 86,000 likes and 11,000 shares.

In 2002, Meeks served two years for grand theft auto but this time he may not be so fortunate.  He faces eleven felony charges and his bail is set for one million dollars. Fortunately, Meeks may have just what it takes to raise the money.

Despite his dangerous background, Meeks’ good looks inspired the start of his Facebook page. His tribute page has over 170,000 likes and thousands of comments. One fan says “He’s too Fine to be a criminal, I got $10 on his bail”. This comment inspired his family to start a crowdfunding page to help with his release. Meeks currently has 242 supporters and raised over $4,000.

jer Meeks was the first nominee for “Felon Crush Friday” taking his popularity from Facebook to Instagram. Fans began photo-shopping Meeks face into high end fashion advertisements which, to many, didn’t look half bad. For most men, this attention would be great, but not for Meeks. Although flattered by how popular he has become he wants the world to know that he is not some “Kingpin” as his record may portray.

According to his mother, Meeks had become quite an upstanding man since his last conviction. She stated that he had a job and his mission was to take care of his family. His mother then went on to accuse law enforcement of targeting her son because of old gang tattoos and past offenses. For this reason, she wants to ditch the public defender and get a real lawyer.

Unfortunately for many women, Meeks is happily married and his wife isn’t amused with her husband’s recent fame. She wants to remind the public that he is a father, son, husband, brother and  if convicted he could go to jail for a very long time.

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