Home News Joy Reid to Guest-“What You’re Not Gonna Do Is…”: Shutting Down Fake News
Joy Reid to Guest-“What You’re Not Gonna Do Is…”: Shutting Down Fake News

Joy Reid to Guest-“What You’re Not Gonna Do Is…”: Shutting Down Fake News


by G. Brown

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is…well…a joy to behold.   For two hours each weekend, her “AM Joy” tackles some of the toughest news stories and breaks them down to size –along with some of her guests.

The Harvard educated journalist started as a political commentator and has parlayed that into her own show becoming what Variety Mag recently proclaimed “…MSNBC’S New Star“.

Like every journalist out there Reid found herself dealing with one of the most offensive lines ever spoken by a President when Trump referred to Haiti and Africa as “sh*thole countries” (yes, we know Africa is not a country, but that’s the quote and reference).  In trying to analyze, dissect, give context to and just deal with the quote, Reid had numerous guests from both sides of the political aisle on her show On this particular day, she had one guest who was there to defend Trump and spread political propaganda.  Here’s some of that exchange, watch the faces of the other guests and Reid as she talks…

Shonda Rhimes is probably at this very moment working on her next hit show… “News Anchor Unchained”.  Reid lives up to the job title of anchor by trying to keep the convo focused on the question at hand and let guests just throw crazy theories out, but it still ends up like a teacher trying to calm down a petulant kindergartner. While Reid can be as much of a controversial topic as the man(Trump) she’s built her career covering, for the most part she is a voice of reason and truth at a time when ‘fake news’ is the catch phrase of the day.

Reid, much like CNN’s Don Lemon and NewsOne Roland Martin when he was still on air, have become the gatekeepers of truth carrying a burden of calling a spade a spade while not appearing to rely on the race card(a phrase that truly has worn out its welcome).  There are other Black journalists also trying to do their jobs of keeping people informed, but when it’s not a Black owned operation restrictions can be placed on just how much truth is shared.  While most mainstream media outlets still step gingerly around the question of ‘is Trump a racist’, few journalists like Reid and Lemon are willing to tell you he is.  Gone are the days when Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Max Robinson and Bryant Gumbel could objectively give you the facts.  Those were the days before spin doctors, talking points and paid surrogates who are there to slant the truth.

Reid’s job isn’t easy, but she seems single-minded in her role.  Not just to bring you the news, but to still bring you the truth. Often that means when sycophants try to sneak in hidden agendas and talking points, Reid vigilantly stands guard and makes clear ‘what you’re not going to do is peddle that propaganda here. The question is why aren’t more journalists standing for truth?