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Just Because You Call It ‘Road Rage’ Doesn’t Mean it’s not Racism



by G. Brown

It’s the kind of story that simply breaks your heart.  18 year old Bianca Nikol Roberson was so excited to be heading off to college.  She was just driving home from a shopping spree to buy a new wardrobe for college when her path unfortunately crossed that of 28 year old David Desper.  The teen driver reportedly tried to merge into the same lane as Desper as they traveled on Route 100 outside Philadelphia.   After what some call a ‘cat and mouse game’ of jockeying for the lane, the younger driver veered off the highway and crashed into a tree.  At first it seemed like Bianca as perhaps the less experienced driver just lost control of the car, but police discovered when they arrived at the crash scene that the girl had been shot in the head.  That other driver, Desper was long gone…but not for long.

Desper’s red pick up truck became the obsession of law enforcement determined to find the man who shot Bianca. Three states put residents everywhere on high alert.  Videos of Desper’s truck were posted to social media as well.  Descriptions of the truck and Desper flooded TV and radio news in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey with the dragnet to find him not only including lawmen but every person who heard the reports.  Finally on Sunday, the search for Desper came to an end when he turned himself in.  Desper was charged with first degree murder in Bianca’s death.

The District Attorney called Bianca’s murder “a savage, senseless, brutal act”.  While media reports are calling the murder a case of “road rage”,  twitter users question if there is something more diabolical at the heart of the case….
















There is very little support for Desper in the court of public opinion.  Though he will undoubtedly face months of court trials in the justice system, Desper still has a future.

Bianca’s was snatched from her because one man decided that it was his right to determine if she should live or die.  He didn’t care that she may have been a relatively new driver, that she was only a teen, that she was excited to be heading off to college.  He only decided that his life, his wants, his anger was more important than her future.  Whether it was road rage or racism rage doesn’t really matter for Bianca.  All the promise, the light and beauty that she brought to this world was snuffed out by a man who thought it was in his power to snatch that away with one pull of a trigger.

Rest in paradise Bianca.

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