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Justice in Black and White




by G. Brown

Bill Cosby is the first major celebrity to be dragged through the ringer as Hollywood’s #MeToo was finally dealing out some karmic justice.  Or is it karmic injustice.

Cosby wasn’t the first man called out by the #MeToo movement, but he is the first high profiled celebrity to be tried, convicted and sentenced for his crimes.

Cosby is one of hundreds of men accused of sexually predatory behavior while in positions of power, but the movement has moved far beyond the bright lights of Hollywood.  CBS head Les Moonves was forced to step down recently after seven women accused him of assault spanning 30 years.  Two of the women allege he forced them to perform oral sex on him….Fox News, NBC News and PBS have all had anchors, producers, managers caught up in the dragnet of accusations.  Opera conductors, architects, singers, athletes, restaurateurs have all been accused of everything from groping, making inappropriately sexual comments to forcing women to perform oral sex and rape.  And even one woman has been accused.  Actress Asia Argento went from one of the first women to publicly accuse movie producer Harvey Weinstein of predatory sexual behavior to one of the first publicly accused female predators who allegedly paid out nearly half a million dollars to silence her accuser who was 17 years old at the time of incident.

Many of those accused have lost jobs, stature and their reputations.  The fight to stop sexual predators seems to be dishing out justice in every area of professional life except one– the political world.

As a comedian is being brought to justice, another man accused of sexually assaulting and attempting to rape a 15 year old girl more than 30 years ago is soon to ascend to one of the powerful seats of justice–the Supreme Court.  His GOP cheering squad has insultingly  and unconvincingly try to convince the public to dismiss the allegations against nominee Brett Kavanaugh as behavior typical of a 17 year old boy at a party having a good time.  Others have defended that the alleged offense happened over 36 years ago—too much time has passed for it to matter.  Yet some of Cosby’s accusations went back 40 -50 years and they mattered, so why not those against a man you want to sit on the highest court.  Some use the defense of don’t ruin this man’s career because of one indiscretion that may or may have happened from his youth.  But wasn’t Cosby’s career, reputation, life ruined because of similar and worse behavior from his younger days?  Others say Cosby was accused by multiple women.  A second accuser has now come forth against Kavanaugh, but still his defenders are singing new verses in the ‘witch hunt” and ‘rigged’ theme song of the current administration.

There’s no question here, Cosby shouldn’t get away with sexually predatory crimes against women. But the question here is why are we holding a comedian, a man who tells jokes for a living to one standard of zero tolerance while sweeping the accusations against the other under the rug.  How can you appoint a man to the nation’s most powerful position to weigh crimes and laws, when he is accused of violating laws and committing crimes?

The answer is the same as how a man accused by more than 12 women of sexually assaulting them ascended to the highest political office in the land.

As children we all learned the refrain ‘Justice for all’ as part of the Pledge of Allegiance.  But as adults we’ve witnessed in the Cosby/Kavanaugh/Trump dynamic “justice” for some, isn’t justice for all.


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    Ben Haith

    March 27, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    We nee a world+wide campaign that says “People R Human !!!

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    NBA is fixed

    September 25, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Over a dozen white women accuse Boule Bill of rape. Boule Bill goes to prison. Several white women accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, he becomes President. Two white women accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, he could become a Supreme Court Judge. Several white women accuse CBS CEO Les Moonves of sexual assault, he gets a $100 million dollar severance package from CBS and still maintains his freedom. Brock Turner, a former student at Stanford was CONVICTED OF RAPE. He did not spend one day in prison. Brothers and sistas this is a perfect example of Amerikkkan racism; liberty and justice only for rich white men. Amerikka hates us!

  10. Avatar

    NBA is fixed

    September 25, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Boule Bill; strong, powerful black men who tried to attain wealth and power in Amerikkka and were either lynched or high tech lynched. Did boule Bill commit the rape crimes against those white chicks? I believe he did, but drugging and having sex with a woman in the seventies wasn’t considered rape. I also believe there was no DNA evidence in boule Bill’s criminal case. He was convicted on a a white chick’s accusations. This is even more proof that we, specifically black men are the number one terrorist group in the eyes of racist white Amerikkka!

    PS: I encourage you guys to look up the official law definition of the word “Hearsay.” That’s why boule Bill was convicted of sexual misconduct. #Racism

  11. Avatar

    Lady dear

    September 25, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    Doesn’t White Supremacy work like a well oiled machine.

  12. Avatar

    Shaw J.

    September 25, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    In Cosby’s case,can it get any worse than this? I mean, really!!

  13. Avatar

    Harold Isaac Brown

    September 25, 2018 at 11:14 am

    This has been America for Black men from the beginning.

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