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Kanye’s Worst Than We Thought & Bye-Bye J. Anthony Brown: Celebrity Wrap Up



by TRN Staff Writers,

kanye-west-vma-speechPray for Kanye   It’s been more than a week since the world realized the thin line between genius and insanity and that maybe that line was completely fading for the “Fade” rapper.  West was hospitalized November 21st after a public meltdown on stage while performing.  Days later he canceled the rest of  his Saint Pablo tour and was admitted to UCLA Medical Center for psych evaluation. Recent reports are saying West suffers a number of problems including paranoia.  US Weekly says wife Kim Kardashian wanted to take Kanye home to recover, but doctors say the rapper “is in no shape to leave yet”.  The article also reports that doctors are monitoring West very closely and TMZ reported that West was in such bad shape that he was afraid to let even doctors touch him.  Some are now speculating that Kanye’s mental episode may have been triggered  by the October 3 Paris robbery in which Kim was tied up while five men robbed where they were staying.  The robbery supposedly has left both Kanye and Kim frazzled to the point of nightmares.


tom-joynerJ. Anthony Brown Signing Off  The Tom Joyner radio show has been a number one rated syndicated program for twenty years.  The show  has made Joyner, Brown and Sybil Wilkes household names to the eight million listeners nationwide who tune in each day.  Earlier this year, reports spread that Brown had walked off the show, but this time it seems Brown won’t be walking back. No details on why the comedian is leaving the show after two decades, but his manager says Brown’s last day was officially Black Friday. Brown started as a comedian working the club scene in Atlanta in the early ’70s.  He eventually headed West which proved a good move with him landing a job as head staff writer for the “Arsenio Hall Show.”  Along with the radio show, Brown also did some acting on the small screen in the TV series “The Parent Hood” with Robert Townsend. On the big screen he has several film credits including “Mr. 3000” with Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett, and “Drumline” with Zoe Saldana and Nick Cannon. No word on Brown’s professional plans since leaving the morning crew at the Joyner show. As for the show, it’s still going to be on-air but is planning some type of restructuring and reportedly ‘heading in a new direction’.

screenshot-68Rick Ross,The Dream’s New TV show”Signed”   What happens when you take the formula behind “American Idol” and mix it with some hip-hop realism? You get a new TV show called “Signed”.  Online celebrity site The Jasmine Brand is reporting that rappers Ross, The Dream and Roc Nation’s Lenny Santiago have inked a deal to find future artists and help them land a record deal by competing on the show.  The site says filming is already underway in Atlanta with a premiere date set for January, 2017.

For this week’s look at Black Celebrity Life, that’s a wrap!


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