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Katt Williams Bought a Lamborghini for Who? Celebs Over the Top Spending




By: Evette Champion

When you get rich, especially when it seems like it happened overnight, of course you want to take care of people you care about, buy things you couldn’t afford before, and maybe just flaunt your riches all willy nilly. Unfortunately, to folks like you and me, this kind of spending just seems ridiculous and really makes you mad that they are tossing their money around on… Crap.

Sure they have the right to buy whatever they want with their money, but sometimes such extravagance is a slap in the face to those of us who helps line those pockets. Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at Beyonce. Although she may not have poured a $20,000 dollar bottle of champagne into a hot tub (as that sort of thing doesn’t quite exist), she did pour a $300 bottle of champagne in the hot tub. Yes, that may not be a whole lot, but even spending $60 bucks on a limited edition of Moet for New Years was a splurge for most people!


Need more convincing?

Do we need to mention the $53 million debt that Kanye West has racked up while following his “dreams in the fashion industry,” and claiming:


Yeah, because his ideas of for fashion are so amazingly beautiful. But, to each their own.

Donald Trump lives his entire life in excess. Aside from the four business bankruptcy’s, Trump’s personal spending is over the top. It started in the 70s when he flashed his money by purchasing Rolls Royces and then progressed to helicopters, golf courses, jets that look nicer than the average person’s home, and let’s not forget the huge mansions and penthouses.

trump jet

Then, we come to Katt Williams. After meeting Beanie Sigel one time, he presents Sigel with a new Lamborghini–granted later that night Williams did some crazy ish and bum rushed a guy at a rap show later that night and really got put into his place. But that is neither here nor there.


Of course, it’s not all fun and games for these celebrities. Some people were manipulated by family members into making some very poor financial decisions. For instance, let’s look at Kim Basinger. Her family talked her into throwing down $20 million toward purchasing a small town in Georgia called Braselton. She would file for bankruptcy in 1993 and would sell her stake of the town.

M.C. Hammer filed for bankruptcy because of his spending habits, Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy protection twice to big named companies, plus the IRS has gotten her on multiple liens due to unpaid taxes.

As it appears, having lots of money doesn’t always mean you know what to do with it—especially when it comes to spending it on stupid crap. Honestly, how do you go into debt for millions of dollars? By spending it on nonsense that is crusted in jewels, gold, and stuff like that.

What is the most amount of money you’ve spent on anything (other than a new car or home).

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