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Keke Palmer says “I don’t want to be a Role Model.”





A lot of success has been in favor of history’s youngest T.V. show host, Keke Palmer.  She had a lot to say when she was interviewed on Madam Noire about her new show, Just Keke, about what separates her show apart from the others.

The interview starts out with her explaining why she doesn’t aim to be a role model, despite the fact that countless girls are rooting for her.

“I don’t want to be a role model – I want to be a real model,” she says. “I not perfect. I’m not ever going to be perfect.” She continues by saying “I feel like that’s the beauty in me.  Embracing all my flaws; embracing the beautiful things about me and embracing the things that aren’t so beautiful about me.  I think because of that I don’t allow the idea of me being a ‘role model’ to be a burden.  Because if you look at me as a role model, at least you’re looking at the real me and not this plastic type of perfect robotic version of me.”

We hear statements like this from the intelligent actress and we can begin to make sense as to the significance of her show.  She offers an opportunity to be real and not artificial and this is why we will end up loving her more and more as her show progresses.

In the interview, she talks about real experiences with past relationships and her encounter with Rihanna’s “navy” fan club along with the situation with Karrueche.  Her genuine honesty does nothing but bring authenticity to her show.

“My show isn’t about just me.  The show isn’t about what Keke loves.  It’s about what we want to hear.”

Get to know Keke Palmer just a little bit more by watching the interview below.

Keke Palmer Says She Doesn’t Want to Be a Role Model

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