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Why Kim & Kanye Deserve Happiness




Just this past weekend, reality star Kim Kardashian married musician Kanye West. And it was the second largest event of the weekend. (Let’s be honest, the Floyd Mayweather/TI incident is much more interesting) Like many, I’ve had more than my fair share of KimYe and have avoided following any details about their nuptials leading up to the big day because I simply didn’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Kanye West fan. He’s my favorite rapper and the most influential creative genius of our time (Yes, I just said that). Still, his choice in life partner leaves me with a mixed opinion of him.


When he and Kim started dating, I really couldn’t see what he saw in her past her ample backside. What could they really talk about? I’ve seen enough episodes of her show Keeping up with the Kardashians to know that she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  She doesn’t share a creative talent with Kanye. However, I just believed she would be one of many of his girlfriends and he would be another famous black guy she dated. It wasn’t until I learned that they had affairs with each other since 2007 that I realized this might be something serious and on New Years Eve 2012, when he announced that Kim was pregnant, I cringed. I thought to myself, “She did it-she trapped Kanye.”

Everyone knows about Kim Kardashian’s past. Her climb to fame was based on a sex tape with C list singer Ray-J. You know, Brandy’s brother. She’s been linked to several celebrities from Nick Cannon, Bow-wow, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and even Chris Brown. This marriage to Kanye makes her third marriage since 2004. She and her family are media magnets controlled by their mother and will do any and everything for some press.

Even though Kim Kardashian is my least favorite celebrity, I’m completely over the discussion of Kanye marrying a “whore”.  Kim isn’t the only woman or celebrity to be married more than once or have multiple partners-her intimate past is just public because of her celebrity status. Kanye also has a slew of partners under his belt including Amber Rose-who he met in a strip club. I have yet to hear anyone worrying about how Kanye’s past is going to affect the relationship. The idea that a woman has to be “pure” to be worthy of marriage is old, tired and honestly sexist. One can argue easily that this is just a publicity stunt for her-because we all know the last wedding was. However, Kanye and her have a history that spans several years and a beautiful child. They look happy together. And for that reason, I want them to be happy and to have a long marriage.

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