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“Kings” Analyze Race in America, Peele Brings Black Beauty to Classic Hitchcock: First Reel Look


by Ms. Black Hollywood

“Kings” Take Us Back in Time to Look at Race   Halle Berry’s latest movie is both out of time and timely.  Berry stars in “Kings” a gritty drama that focuses on South Central LA and  events leading up to the 1992 riots following the brutal police beating of Rodney King.  Berry plays Millie–a woman who takes in at-risk youths of all colors, kinds and circumstances.  Helping hundreds of children with varied emotional, physical and financial problems is Millie’s passion and barely manageable in the best of times.  But when the White officers charged in King’s beating are acquitted, no one was ready for how the decision would turn their neighborhoods into a power keg. Berry is joined by another veteran actor Daniel Craig (of James Bond fame) who plays Millie’s next door neighbor Obie.  He’s one of the few White people living in the neighborhood.  Their worlds will collide as events unfold.  The subject of the film grapples a worn out conversation of race in America, but approaches it from a small vantage point of the lives of people leading up to cataclysmic event.  The film is slated for an April 27 release.  Until then, here’s your First Reel Look at the official trailer for “Kings”.

What If?..Director Jordan Peele Re-imagines Hitchcock Classics   Jordan Peele’s directorial debut made it clear to “Get Out” audiences that he was about to change the status quo in Hollywood film making.  And he’s doing it again with a new project he’s taken on for W Magazine.  According to entertainment site Indiewire,”The publication asked the Oscar-nominated filmmaker to direct a fashion photo shoot, so he decided to call up his friend Janelle Monáe and create a story that subverts the Alfred Hitchcoc

k noir by casting a woman of color in the lead role.”  The result is a stunning fresh look at some of Hitchcock’s heroes as a heroine of color.  Why take on the project, Peele told W. Magazine, “I’ve come to think of gender and race as related in a civil rights sense…I didn’t want the Hitchcock heroine,I wanted the Hitchcock hero. That way, we can reclaim this movie that we never got to see. The fear of gender and race robs us of beautiful pieces of film.” Singer/actress Monae is the perfect accomplice in recreating moments made famous by legends like Cary Grant in “North by Northwest” and Jimmy Stewart in “Vertigo”.  You can catch the Peele directed “Noir Town” photo shoot in W Magazine.  Until then here’s your First Reel Look at some of the hot shots posted on social media…










It Only Takes “Seven Seconds” To Destroy Your World The new Netflix series shows how a random encounter took only “Seven Seconds” to forever change the lives of so many.  Regina King, Russell Hornsby and Clare-Hope Ashley join an ensemble cast for this tragic tale taken straight from real headlines of a clash between the Black community and White cops in Jersey after a 15 year old boy is critically injured after being run over by a car driven by a police officer.  The crime anthology is based on a Russian movie and follows the attempt to cover up the crime. The 10-episode drama begins February 23 on Netflix.  Until then here’s your First Reel Look at the latest trailer  for “Seven Seconds”.