Home Celebrities LeBron-“What the He!! Is Going On…?: Celebs React to Las Vegas Mass Shooting
LeBron-“What the He!! Is Going On…?: Celebs React to Las Vegas Mass Shooting

LeBron-“What the He!! Is Going On…?: Celebs React to Las Vegas Mass Shooting


by G. Brown

It’s the horror that has left millions of people traumatized and in utter disbelief.  The number of the victims in the Las Vegas shooting keeps rising…as of this writing it stands at 58 fatalities, over 500 hundred hurt or injured.

Witnesses at the crowded Route 91 Harvest country music festival Sunday night say the bullets just kept coming.  A retiree, 64 year old Stephen Craig Paddock, allegedly rained a  deadly deluge of bullets from his 32nd floor hotel room into the swarms of people attending an outdoor concert near the Mandalay Bay Resort.

By the time police could zero in on the shooter and storm his room, Paddock had allegedly put used one of the guns in his arsenal to end his own life.

As emergency crews help those targeted in the massacre, police investigate to try and figure out what triggered the man familymembers describe as a man who “had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremacist, nothing…”

The world could only watch in sadness and fear as the worst mass shooting in the country’s history unfolded.  Social media quickly became flooded with people reaching out to those in the wake of the crisis.  One of those reaching out, NBA player LeBron James…

Other NBA players like LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul soon chimed in with LeBron’s message…

Kobe Bryant tried to help share information for those trying to track down love ones…

Over at the NFL, players are also feeling the impact of the horrible Las Vegas murders.  The league will honor victims by holding a moment of silence before Monday night football.  The NFL commissioner released a statement saying “This will be a moment of reflection for the victims, their families and loved ones and also for the heroic efforts of the first responders.”

Sports channel ESPN is also altering its routine for a special homage.  The network normally doesn’t air the playing of the national anthem.  Tonight though, ESPN will make an exception to that rule and air the anthem in tribute to the victims in Las Vegas.

And other celebrities are using Vegas to push the issue on gun control.  Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Mark Ruffalo and a long list of others are raising their voices to petition for stricter gun control after learning that Paddock had more than 10 rifles in the hotel where he launched his deadly assault.

The voices crying for more gun control will no doubt get louder in days and weeks ahead.  But even as Hollywood liberals and celebrities cry out for better laws, none of it will come soon enough to  drown out the hundreds and thousands of cries of those mourning the lives taken and forever changed by one man’s hatred or insanity.