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Lee Daniels Channels his Inner “Demons” for his Next Film Project




Lee Daniels has been going through a lot this year, from being compared to Tyler Perry to this multi-million dollar lawsuit with Damon Dash. Maybe directing a horror flick will prove to be a great  to rid himself of his collected demons.

Thus, Lee will direct his new project, “Demon House” based on the story of an Indian family that becomes victims of demonic possession.

The producers of this project will be Bryan Cohen, along with  Jackson Nguyen and Todd Crites of Turn Left Productions.

After having acquiring the life rights from the family of  Latoya Ammons in Gary Indiana, Relativity went to work on this project.  They’ve been keeping busy since August.

The Ammons family had experienced the possessions back in 2011 and 2012 and asserted that the children were experiencing episodes of levitation, speaking in growls and strangling one another.  The Gary Police Department,  Department of Child Services and even a local church filed reports where they’ve witnessed exorcisms, and supernatural occurrences with police officers as witnesses.

The original events that took place were pretty spooky.  According to Variety, “One DCS case manager witnessed Ammons’ youngest son growling with eyes rolled back, locking his hands around his older brother’s throat — with no subsequent recollection of the incident.”

Surprisingly, after the Ammons family moved out of the house in 2012, a new family moved in the same house (the SAME HO– USE).  Fortunately, they haven’t experienced any supernatural occurrences or exorcisms.  I guess the Ammons were the chosen ones.

Representing Relativity, Richard Porter is overseeing the project.

These films are the scariest because they’re based off of true stories.  In other words, they can happen to literally anyone.  What are your thoughts on Lee Daniels’ new project?  He’s always writing and directing films with serious tones, but can he thrive in the genre of thriller?

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