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Lee Daniels Takes On Biopic Of False Rape Victim Brian Banks




Ever since high school football star Brian Banks was released from his 5 year prison sentence after being falsely accused of raping a classmate, karma has been working in his favor.

Not only did he have a chance to sign with the falcons during the 2013 preseason (his dream come true), but now there’s talk about making a biopic on his incredibly inspiring life story.  Crazy?  It gets even better – Oscar nominee Lee Daniels has signed to direct the film!

In January, Banks signed the movie to turn his story into a biopic with Amy Baer originally producing.  But with “The Butler” director joining the team, the possibilities are endless.

This movie is going to be incredibly gripping.  For those who might have missed the story of Banks, he was a football star in high school on his way to USC on a full ride scholarship.  One day during school he met up with a girl classmate and they had a make-out rendezvous.  Banks made his way back to class when suddenly the cops were in his classroom waiting for him. The girl had accused him of rape, and he served for 5 years.

Banks’s life was ruined, until one day when the girl confessed she made up the entire thing.  He was released from prison and the girl now has to pay all the money she and her mother received from the lawsuit.  “Bygones be bygones?” I think not.

We are still waiting for the confirmation date when they will start the film production.

It is a huge sighing relief that justice is still being served in the world.  Through Banks’s story, hopefully we can become more aware of the injustice that takes place throughout our communities.  Most importantly, Banks is another example that dreams can come true, no matter what the circumstances.



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