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Lesson To Learn From Robin Williams: Money & Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness




We are still in mourning for the death of legendary comedian, Robin Williams.  To many, it comes as a shock that a man with such a successful career and influence on the world would end his own life.  You would think that Hollywood stardom would solve all of your problems in the world, or the fact that he was a brilliant comedian doesn’t equate to a massive dose of depression.  That wasn’t the case though.  Williams’ death may have been sudden to all of us, but it was the years of build-up and frustration that led him to this tragic moment.

Robin Williams had some serious money troubles, owing 30 million dollars in debt from divorce bills.  The two divorces reportedly cost him at least $20 million. His first marriage with wife Valerie Velardi ended in 1988, and his second marriage with Marsha Garces ended in2008.  Garces and Williams had been together for 19 years.  ‘Divorce is expensive. It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet,’ Williams said last year in his interview with Parade magazine.

Not only that, but Williams depended on his new TV show The Crazy Ones to take off in hopes to rescue him from bankruptcy.  But during the time of attending rehab for depression, the comedy drama series in which he played a comic satire of Don Draper from Mad Men, had been canceled by CBS after only one season.

Robin was deeply affected by the cancelling of his TV show.  Plus he had to sell his Napa Valley ranch – nicknamed Villa of Smiles – because he couldn’t afford it anymore, and with hopes to help pay some of his debt.  The ranch is still on the market for $29.9 million two years after Williams tried to sell it for $35 million.

With all this swirling in his world, Robin Williams held it together for as long as he could.  He taught us that even all the success in the world can’t bring you happiness.  We can say that now, he is in a place where he no longer has to fight.  He is Peter Pan in Neverland; he is Aladdin’s Genie who is now set free.  He is in heaven, and he will forever be in our hearts.

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