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Lil Boosie Celebrates Surviving Cancer



By: Evette Champion

In December, we ran a story about Lil Boosie fighting cancer. The rapper underwent surgery where he underwent surgery to remove part of his kidney removed  as he aggressively fought for his life. He took to social media and asked his fans to show him “mercy and grace” by praying for him.

The night before the surgery, he posted a picture of he and his daughter, offering a sincere thanks to his fans for the support.


At 33 years old, Boosie had to have half of one of his kidneys removed in a procedure called nephrectomy, which cost him $90,000 because he didn’t have health coverage. Three days after the procedure, he spoke to TMZ and said that he still felt weak but it was just the beginning. He checked into a three-week rehab program for cancer survivors.

He took to Instagram to say:

I want to thank each and everyone for all the support and love! Surgery went well..God is good! Next step recovery! Cancer has been removed from Boosie kidney… Thanks to all Boosie family and friends and all my real Boosie fans for all the prayers from #badazzmusicsyndicate… I am a #cancersurvivor ????????????????????????????please pray for my recovery I will be n rehab learning to walk again n build my strength so I can get back to the business thanks again for your prayersGODISGREAT????

031416-lil-boosie-kaltura-1080x608 (2)031416-lil-boosie-instagram-5Apparently those prayers paid off as his cancer is in remission and he took to the beaches of Hawaii to celebrate with some women while he got busy doing his best Rihanna impression.

Well, we are always happy to hear when someone beats cancer. Here’s to a long and healthy life for Lil Boosie!

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