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Lil Xan Who?And Why Does Hip Hop Want Him Banned?

Lil Xan Who?And Why Does Hip Hop Want Him Banned?


by Ms. Black Hollywood

Never heard of Lil Xan? Don’t most other people haven’t either…but he is a big topic after some derogatory comments about Tupac.

The rap game is brutal and every new rapper has to try some gimmick to stand out from the crowd.  If you can’t stand out in appearance, then you better be a genius when it comes to the flow.  A lesson somebody should have taught Lil Xan. Who? That guy we were talking about in the first sentence.  Lil Xan had a lot to say, but he probably should have dropped it as a single, because some of the disrespect he was spitting about a rap legend may make him a no hit wonder.

Lil Xan said in an interview  with REVOLT that Tupac’s music ‘ boring” and in a ranking of clout influence gave the rapper a score of two on a nine scale.

Yeah, that did not go over well with rap fans…

Well, those fans still took Lil Xan’s dis better than rapper Waka Flocka who has declared all out war.  Waka hit Twitter with this post…”Lil Xan banned from hip hop, GoD of Rap, Hip Hop, etc Tupac Shakur!!!”

According to XXLMag, “Waka, who has had disagreements with old-school rappers before, said it hurt to see young people disrespecting a legend. “Pac help me get thru childhood!!! Shit hurt to see the youth disrespect man that paved the way for all of us literally,” he tweeted. “Respect is everything, never forget that.”

We can only hope that Lil Xan listens and learn from those who came before him.  But if he keeps disrespecting the legends who paved the way for him, chances are he won’t be on a ranking poll because Lil Xan will be totally forgotten.