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“Lion King” Adds Queen Bey & Is a “Moesha” Reboot Coming?: Hollywood Wrap Up



by TRN Staff

“Moesha”  Cast Reunited for a Reboot?  In the late ’90s, the Mitchell household invited America into their home every week to hang with Moesha and the gang. The sitcom aired six seasons and was the most successful show the now defunct United Paramount Network(UPN) ever had.  “The Real” talk-show brought the surviving cast members together again for a reunion that quickly moved to talk of a reboot or a spin off. Deadline reports “The Real’s” co-host Jeannie Mai asking, “Okay I’m just going to be straight up and ask the question everybody is asking,” she said. “If you had the chance would y’all sign up for a reboot?” To which there was a resounding “Yes!” by the cast.”   “Moesha” was so popular in its day, it even spawned another hit spin-off “The Parkers” starring Countess Vaughn and then  upcoming comedian/actress Mo’Nique.  Singer Brandy who played the starring role of Moesha said part of the reason she would like to see a series reboot is because of the way the series was abruptly and unceremoniously canceled leaving audiences with no resolutions to some pretty major plots points. Even if the show doesn’t get a reboot, it was good to see Kim, Niecy, Dee & Frank all together again if just to remember the good ole days.

“Lion King” All Hail the Queen Singer/actress Beyonce joins a stellar cast for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the ’94 Disney classic the “Lion King”.  Disney announced earlier this week the “Formation” singer will be the voice behind ‘Nala’ in a reboot of the children’s fairy tale. “The Lion King” is one of Disney’s most popular animated films and tells the perennial tale of the journey into adulthood.  Lion cub Simba is next in line to lead his pride behind his father King Mufusa.  When jealousy and lust for the throne leads to King Mufusa’s untimely death at the hands of his own brother Scar, Simba is forced to grow up and face his destiny.  Beyonce will be joining Donald Glover as Simba, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Alfre Woodard as Sarabi, and James Earl Jones will be reprising his role as Mufasa from the original animated movie.  “The Lion King” is set to hit theaters in 2019.

For this week’s look at Black Hollywood, that’s a wrap.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shawn J

    November 4, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    If a new “Moesha” reboot would be in the works, then I’m game!

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