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Lisa Raye gets Saved, Baptized and filled with the holy ghost on Instagram




Oftentimes celebrities are either sharing not-so-positive aspects of their personal lives or no parts of their lives at all, but actress Lisa Raye McCoy decided to let fans in on one of the most important events of her life via Instagram.

McCoy has been spending a great deal of time on working on her faith. Just last year she spoke about her transition to celibacy and how she wanted to try something that would allow her future partner to be “mentally intimate” with her first before the physical.

Now she has been diligently working within her church home in Los Angeles and decided to get baptized at her home.

She shared a video on Instagram for her followers to witness a portion of the ceremony. McCoy did not show the baptism itself, but we were able to see the words that her pastor, Toure’ Roberts, shared before he proceeded with the baptism.

We witnessed a teary-eyed McCoy cloaked in an ice white gown as her pastor commended her on all of the hard work and time that she has dedicated to her church.

“Lisa Raye, I’m so excited. When I see you, I see purpose. You’ve been praising and doing amazing things at the church and through the church at the artist’s resource center,” he said. “Blessing people. And I just think God is getting ready to take you to a whole other level.”

We were able to hear friends and family in the background with their ‘awws’ in support of the actress’ major life achievement.

McCoy said that she wanted to share this moment with fans so that they could receive some encouragement to “believe, conquer and receive peace and blessings”.

It is amazing to see celebrities in the spotlight for positive things instead of the drama that media tries to cook up.

Congratulations to Lisa Raye for her big step out on faith!

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