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Local California Mayor Chris Brown is calling for all police officers to wear Body Cameras




With all the commotion in Ferguson, Missouri, Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown is taking no chances.  He is now calling for all police officers to take action – by wearing cameras on their uniform. Hawthorne is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California.

At this point the idea is in its infancy stages, but Brown says his mission is to make sure all uniformed police officers are equipped with body cameras.

“In light of recent events, it is clear the safety of our civilians and uniformed officers is not guaranteed,” Brown said in a statement posted on Twitter. “I am simply not willing to gamble with a single life, or the wrongful accusation of upstanding officers.”

So far, motorcycle traffic officers are already equipped with helmet-mounted cameras that share the situation in the officer’s point of view in high definition.


As of now, only 20 out of 95 officers have been provided cameras, while a group of officers has volunteered to test the cameras around the city.

With these cameras, both the public and the police will be held accountable for the situation.

The Los Angeles Police Department started a 90-day trial of body cameras in March and are expected to choose a camera system in a few weeks.

While this seems to be a brilliant plan, it still does not cover up, nor distract the fact that there has not been closure for Mike Brown.  Why aren’t the Ferguson police utilizing these cameras as well?  Why hasn’t Darren Wilson been arrested yet? It seems that these cameras are meant to protect everyone, but  If the police department would own up to their power-abusing intentions sprouting from innate racism and discrimination towards blacks in America – they wouldn’t need cameras.

Until Mike Brown’s death is brought to justice, these cameras might not do as much good as we might think.  How do you feel about the cameras?  Comment and share below.

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