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With black Hollywood seemingly on the decline in terms of directing and funding, one Black Hollywood actor is planning to bring one of history’s most important stories to the big screen.

Actor Nate Parker (Non-Stop / The Great Debaters) has accepted the challenge of a much talked about Nat Turner movie.

“One of my biggest passions is to play Nat Turner,” he revealed in an interview with Shadow And Act back in February. “That’s a project that we’re working to get done. A lot of people thought he was a bad guy, but it’s perspective. I don’t think he was a bad guy at all, but we all have our ideas of what we want and why we want it, and what we’ll do to achieve those things.”

In an April interview with the New York Times he elaborated on some exciting plans:

“I’m directing a film in the fall, a biopic on Nat Turner, who led the most successful slave revolt in American history. I call it the black ‘Braveheart.’ I wrote the script, I’m starring. That’s where I want to go. The goal for me is to push the envelope always.”

Not only has Nate written the script, he plans to star in the film and will also direct it, with filming expected to begin in the fall of this year.

Nat Turner’s infamous 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia barely gets recognition in the state.

To date, the most notable film project about Turner is Charles Burnett‘s hour-long 2003 documentary, Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property, which aired on PBS in 2004 .

A scripted film on Turner’s revolt — which resulted in 55 white deaths, 200 black deaths, and Turner’s hanging –would greatly change the widespread misconception that enslaved Africans in North America were non-resistant.


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