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MAGA-You Know Like in the Good Ole Slave Days

MAGA-You Know Like in the Good Ole Slave Days


by G. Brown

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore must be a gambler.  In card playing lingo, he already was sitting on a straight flush in terms of negative publicity following all the women who accused him of hitting on them as underage girls.  But Moore upped the ante when his former words came back to bite him.

Two months ago, Moore was quoted by the LA Times as responding to a question from the only African American in attendance at a rally who wanted to know when the candidate thought America was great as he had adopted Trump’s tagline of Make America Great Again.  CNN.com says Moore answered, ““I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery — they cared for one another…. Our families were strong, our country had a direction.”   Here’s a link to an audio clip of that September 17 speech in Florence Alabama if the quote is so incredulous, you just need to hear with your own ears while pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.
So according to Moore, America was great when slavery existed.  There’s no need to even debate this answer…it was great for White people.  But that seems to be the danger with Moore (and so many politicians) who want to be elected by the people and have no intentions of being for all the people.

For some reason, Moore’s comments escaped public scrutiny and was buried in news coverage. But honestly who knows what other more outrageous political figure made even crazier statements the same day that may have cause Moore’s comments to go unchallenged.  We all know the game of dirty politics and get the reason the comments are being covered now is because the election is a day away.

At a time when sexual harassment is costing the rich and powerful their jobs in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill, a man accused of sexually harassing 14 year old girls while in his 30’s may still be elected to serve in the senate.  If charges of pedophilia aren’t enough to stop Moore, then why the re-emergence of stupid comments about Black people?  Because the Black vote is crucial in Moore’s political fight against Democrat Doug Jones and if Blacks don’t get out and vote there’s no chance of stopping Moore.

The Democrats are so desperate for Blacks to get out and vote that they are courting them with some direct conversations in ads like this one…

And Blacks with any ties to Alabama like director Ava DuVernay are using social media to get in on the fight for this senate seat.

The race isn’t just about Moore, Jones or the senate seat but about Dems trying to tilt the power in congress to their side as a way to fight against Trump by dealing a blow in the state he won handily against Hillary Clinton at nearly two-to-one.

Once again its the Black voters being pressured and convinced that they have the power, but somehow end up powerless when candidates take office.  It’s a hard sell–Blacks have been here before and always seem on the losing end.

What do you think…is this election left up to Black voters? Or are they once again being pushed and used to just help another guy get in office who will forget who got him there?  Does keeping someone like Moore out of office benefit Blacks at all?