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Popular Magazine White-Washed Kerry Washington’s Photos and Fans Are Outraged




Kerry Washington is so proud of her cover for the March Instyle magazine that she made it her new profile pic on Facebook.  Here’s how Washington looks on that cover:

Screenshot (249)







And here’s how some of her fans looked  after seeing that magazine cover…

Screenshot (242)







A picture is worth a thousand words, and the fans are using as many words as they can post to slam the photo-shopped hack job to alter Washington’s features giving her a slimmer nose, cheeks eyes and a smaller mouth.


The biggest protest- the “white washing” of Washington….lightening her complexion. Some fans blame Washington.

Screenshot (246)Screenshot (247)

Washington has no control over how the image was altered. That credit goes to the ‘powers that be’ at magazines who feel the need to try and improve upon already beautiful women by altering features to meet some preconceived standards by their definition. Washington is one in a long line of cosmetic surgery performed on pictures.


The magazines will say “no one wants to buy the book if the face on the cover isn’t flawless”. Well somebody better tell Time and NewsWeek not to put the plane crash, war zone or hurricane pictures on the cover until they photo shop all the flaws out.

Women are right to complain…just don’t stop at posting on Washington’s page…take the protest to where it matters…back to InStyle Magazine. Post on their Facebook page, start a Twitter hashtag campaign.

And after you’ve done all that, take a deep breath and dig a little deeper. It’s interesting how we trip about a picture being lightened, but pass on commenting about false eyelashes, weaves and implants. Hey, I’m good with a weave and false lashes.  If it’s what you decide enhances your beauty or esteem, go for it. The light vs darker complexion of African Americans is obviously a sore spot. Why do we obsess over a shade here or a shade there? Whether you’re the complexion of Michelle Obama, Gabrielle Union or Rihanna.…you still fall within the rainbow of hues that comprises the black race.

Racism and colorism (discriminating within our own race based on light or dark skin) are pretty much the same-WRONG! To elevate yourself based on color is ignorant. We need a Martin Luther King moment…where black people don’t judge other black people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. It’s sad that we want white people to do for us, something we won’t even do among ourselves.  What do you think about the cover photo?

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