Home Celebrities Mariah’s New Man, Fifty Kiss & Tells About Vivica’s Sexual Favors: Celebrity Wrap Up
Mariah’s New Man, Fifty Kiss & Tells About Vivica’s Sexual Favors: Celebrity Wrap Up

Mariah’s New Man, Fifty Kiss & Tells About Vivica’s Sexual Favors: Celebrity Wrap Up


by TRN Staff Writers

 Fifty Talks About “Vivica’s Sexual Favor”  Fifty and Vivica have had so many vile social media beefs that we’ve lost count, but this latest one beats all the others.  Fifty got in the first lick by appearing on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live” and hinting that former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox only called him gay because she performed a certain sexual favor on him. Fifty posted this little clip on IG after the show…


Bad news travels fast and Fox immediately responded calling Fifty a liar.  She wants equal time challenging Fifty to join her on the show so they can “put this to rest!!”  Fox continued by doubling down on her earlier insinuations that the rapper is gay saying “That NEVER happened and you know it QUEEN!”  And she posted an unflattering picture of her ex to get her point across.  Here’es what she posted…


OUCH! Fox ended her post with “…keep on telling them how u like it tho!!…Crazy how you 4got that u paid me to be in ya Video and went on the radio saying you did wrong by me! Boy oh boy when that VAULT opens up its gonna be good! I’ve got a great memory @50cent AKA #CurtisFox?  If Fifty does take Fox up on her offer to settle this on live TV, hope he’s got some boxing gear because Fox is ready for a fight.

  download-1 Mariah on the Rebound   What a difference one month makes.  It was just over a month ago that Mariah Carey broke up with her billionaire fiance James Packer.  Friends close to the couple say Packer couldn’t handle all the publicity that follows the diva.  Carey reportedly wanted Packer to pay her $50 million for her loss.  Meanwhile, the singer is waiting for that check and seems to have moved on.  U.S. Magazine is download-2reporting that the 46-year old Carey was spotted and photographed recently in Hawaii sharing a lot of PDA with her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.  The 33-year dancer was with Carey who was performing at a local resort. Sources say Tanaka is some of the reason behind Carey breaking off her engagement to Packer.  But the singer’s rep denied the rumors after Carey and Packer had a big fight in Greece saying “The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Mariah…” Tanaka has been pretty vocal about his amorous feelings toward Carey saying in a trailer for Carey’s new E! reality show “Mariah’s World that he’s long had a crush on the woman he’s reportedly sharing a “close” bond with now.

For this week’s look at Black Celebrity life in Hollywood–that’s a wrap!


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    1. @NBA Hi NBA…most days you are hardcore on it topic wise, but I like it when you break off some knowledge that is so true. Thanks so much for just being you NBA.

    1. @ Tez LOL…not much left to say Tez, you kinda said it all! I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t really dating the guy…just trying to stir up some controversy for her new reality show. We’ll see soon enough. Thanks for letting us know what’s on your mind Tez.


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