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Can’t Leave Rap Alone: Mase Loses His Religion.. AGAIN




We’ve all heard of hood-hopping, but this is on a whole new level.  Mase is turning away from preaching and religion to come back to the rap game. TMZ was the first to break out the story to the public.

Mase, who “retired” at the height of his rap career in 1999 wemt to pursue a career in the ministry.   This came to shock everyone, considering the fact that these two lifestyles are completely opposite from one another. Still, he was able to build up thousands of followers as well as two churches in Atlanta and Phoenix… preaching the virtues of marriage and other family values.  For a while there, everything was looking good.

All of a sudden, he and his wife, Tyla Betha divorced, and everything around him began to crumble, religion-wise.  The diviorce ended causing a fissure between him and his flock of followers.  This would result in him losing most of his followers and cutting ties to his self-built churches. And as goes for the stalwart loyalists, Mase says “… screw them.”

It was a long run for Mase, spreading the word through ministry.  It wasn’t until TMZ confirmed that he has come back to the rap game to stay that we actually can take this transition seriously, due to his history of back-and-forth religion. Ever since he’s dropped all ties with both churches, he’s been playing regular rap gigs around L.A.. He’s jumping back into his former lifestyle, and he is doing it mercilessly.

But how long is this going to last?  Sure, he’s a full blown rapper now, but there’s always that one chance that he’ll grow homesick to religion.  Has Mase turned over a new leaf of consistency? Or is this hardcore rapping swap just another phase?  Only time will tell, but don’t hesitate to comment what you think below!

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