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Maya Angelou: Was Caretaker Negligent For Following No Resuscitation Order?




It seems as if time stood still when we all learned the news that legendary poet Maya Angelou had passed. In shock, we didn’t want to accept the news because it all seemed so sudden. Sure, there were reports circulating that she was ill and canceling speaking engagements because of serious health issues. But, none of us knew exactly what ‘serious’ or ‘ill’ meant until last Wednesday.
As the world mourns, we reflect on the amazing accomplishments, words of wisdom and divinity that she left to us all to cherish. But, after reading recent reports I am extremely curious about the mental and physical condition of Maya Angelou in her 72 hours of life.
According to TMZ, Angelou had some indication that her health was failing. She started to get her affairs in order and leaving instructions for her staff. One of her demands was that if she was found dead, not to make any attempts to revive her. Coincidently, she was found unconscious by one of her caretakers.
In this audio clip, her caretaker faces probably one of the hardest decision that she’s ever had to make in her life.  She told 911 operator, “I can’t do it.” She obviously wanted to revive Angelou but hesitated because of her instructions. She probably had many intimate conversations with Angelou and made her decision based on. Many of Angelou’s fans are being critical of the caretaker for not following emergency protocol.
I tried to put myself in her shoes, but it seems like an extremely hard call. I wonder if Angelou felt that she had experienced all that this life had to offer and was ready to graduate into the next one. Either way, she lived exactly the way she wanted and died that way as well. We should all respect that.
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