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Meet ‘Clarence Claus’: Black Santa Wrapping Gifts This Christmas



By TRN Staff Writers

It’s amazing no one thought of this before now, but it’s pretty cool someone thought of it this year…Black Santa wrapping.  The paper comes from the mind of Jackie Rodgers who told NBC News last year she searched and searched for a wrapping paper that “reflected her family, preferably a melanin-rich Santa Claus…” Of course, her search proved futile. Rodgers says she even broadened her search to friends and family in major cities…still nothing.

greentop_jackie_and_shaun_e1855cfecbbdf9b3b881b5f1ec3026e5-nbcnews-ux-600-700As always, lack is usually the catalyst of invention, so Rodgers decided to make her own Black Santa wrapping paper.  She calls her creations ‘Greentop Gifts’ after her grandfather’s ‘Greentop Restaurant’.  Rodgers’ husband Shaun encouraged her to put that Clark University business degree to use along with his Duke University MBA.

In October, they launched by attending different HBCU’s homecomings and talking up their company and passing out promotional items. Getting to this point meant a lot of sacrifice.  The Rodgers say they burned the midnight oil until 3a.m. many days. And there’s also the financial sacrifice.  Shaun says, “We had to put and invest money into the idea and concept. But I think for us, that sacrifice was more than worth it because we knew that we were creating something not just for us, but for all the people like us across the country.

So far, it’s just Clarence Claus that’s featured, but the Rodgers are already looking to the future and screenshot-141expanding the line to include not only Christmas but birthday designs as well as others.

If you want Clarence Claus delivering your gifts this year, you can go to to order wrapping paper, mugs, shirts and more.

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