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Welcome to the Jungle Jumanji 2 & Idris Elba Saves the World in “Dark Tower”:First Reel Look

The Rock & Hart Head to the Jungle in Jumanji 2 If you’re going to take on a classic, then you better bring your A-game….

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Where Are They Now? Cast of “Girlfriends”

By: Leticia Latrice From 2000-2008 black women could tune in once a week to a funny, realistic, heart felt episodes of “Girlfriends”. The show…

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Rihanna in All-Female Reboot of “Ocean’s Eleven”: Black Hollywood Wrap Up

by TRN Rihanna Stars in “Ocean’s Eleven” Reboot  It’s been a busy year for singer Rihanna. First she lands the role of Marion Crane(played…

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Will Smith, Viola Davis “Suicide Squad” Hits Theaters: Black Actors Cashing in On Superhero Genre

By: Leticia Latrice Will Smith and Viola Davis are learning that you have to have thick skin if you’re going to be a superhero….

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Watch How Samuel L. Jackson New Series Pays it Forward

By: Leticia Latrice Samuel L Jackson and his wife LaTanya have decided to come out with a new reality series. Please give the show…

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Reel Quick Look: Rachel Dolezal’s New Book on Racial Identity & “Barber Shop 3” Sued for Theft

By: Evette Champion Rachel Dolezal: The Authority of Racial Identity…? We here at TRN have covered the goings on of Rachel Dolezal for a…

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Black Shows Don’t Sell Overseas? Maybe It’s Not About Color

By Evette Champion Sometimes it is hard to believe that a hit show in one country wouldn’t do just as well in another, but…

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Where are They Now? The Cast of “Moesha”

By: Evette Champion Ah the 90s… Looking at television sitcoms today, they lack a certain appeal that 90s sitcoms had and one of my…

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America’s Next Top Model Gets a Total Make Over, Minus Tyra?

By: Evette Champion Not even six months after the CW cancelled America’s Next Top Model, we learn that VH1 will be reviving the show,…

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Ja Rule Plans on Retiring from Rapping? Again!

By: Evette Champion Do you remember back in 2002 when Ja Rule said that he was going to retire from rapping so he could…

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WGN’s “Underground”: Groundbreaking Look at Slavery

By: Evette Champion In the past, Black viewers have voiced their concerns where stories about African Americans tend to have that “when we were…

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Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Video Landed Him Lead Role : 6 Interesting Facts About New Jack City

By: Evette Champion March 8, 1991, the world was introduced to New Jack City, a film that was a reflection of the times but…

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