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Met Gala 2017 Moments to Remember



by TRN Staff Writer,

Met Gala The Best of the Worst Outfits Spring is in the air and that means one thing in Hollywood-OUTRAGEOUSNESS! The annual Met Gala fundraiser invited A-List entertainers to don their best or worst “Avant-Garde” gear and come raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art by participating in the Costume ball.

Avant-Garde is just one of those phrases that’s on par with ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’—or Avant-Garde is in the eye of the wearer.  To some entertainers who are always outrageously attired, this is the chance to actually tone it down a bit.  For instance, we’ve seen Nicki Minaj in so many over the top outfits through the years that her gala garment was a bit understated.  Her satin hot pants with a flowing train actually was so typical for the rapper that it was hardly cutting edge fashion.

Then there’s Will Smith’s son Jaden who after seeing him trying to start a trend by wearing dresses and skirts, he was almost boring…except for the fact that he was walking around with his clipped dreds in his hands. His Luis Vuitton suit just didn’t stand out on the carpet when you got this hot mess from Katy Perry steps behind you.




And honestly, Zendaya looks like she was just over the whole outrageousness and thought the costume part was a bit much.  Instead the actress just opted to look elegant and fashionable.  Wise choice Zendaya, who looked fab in her Dolce & Gabbbana gown and sporting natural locks.

The Met Gala is one of the most celebrity-packed events to ever grace a red carpet. There were just too many crazy outfits to mention them all, but hands down, the winner of our night was RiRi. Rihanna strutted the carpet in this Comme des Garçons frock that lived up to the idea of a costume.  We suppose it also defines Avant-Garde, but we’ll just have to take her word for it on that point.

Other celebs spotted on the carpet included  singer John Legend and wife ChrissyTiegen, actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington and singer Pharell Williams.


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